4 Most Secured Tips For The Protection Of Your Mailbox

Mailbox security should be the utmost concern as you might expect your checks, credit cards, or other luxuries items in your mailbox. Hence, the protection of your mailbox deserves equal importance as your vault. Otherwise, anyone can easily access your mailbox due to the lack of mailbox safety measures. Imagine what can happen to your parcel in the mailbox at home when you go on vacation. Possibly, it could be stolen because of the absence of mailbox security. As a result, you can lose the precious item that dearly matters to you. Hence, you must prioritize your mailbox security from theft with an anti theft mailbox. If you really have concerns about defending your mailbox, here are the well-thought ways how to secure a mailbox post.

How To Secure Mailbox

By following these helpful strategies, you can safeguard your residential or community mailbox: 

Pick the Best Location

How to secure a mailbox post? The most stable way is to find the best feasible location around you for the mailbox. Opting the wrong location for your mailboxes or mailroom can jeopardize the well-being of residents. So give proper thought before placing your mailbox to keep your mails safe and secure. 

To better understand, a centralized mail delivery system provides the shield simply through location, mainly common areas visited frequently by residents. In case your community is consolidated, providing residents a mailroom close at hand is the way to go. Generally, these mailrooms are standalone structures near residential dwellings or within the residential building. 

Choose The Right Model   

Always consider purchasing the USPS approved locking mailbox like Cluster Box Unit(CBU) or (STD-4C). Both mailboxes are as per the industry standard models. Plus, these are best suited for security and efficiency. Additionally, 4C is available in three mounting options- surface mount, recessed mount, and standalone cabinet kiosk; however, if you want to go for CBUs that always come in pedestal-mounted. By preferring any models, you choose the security, although they are recognizable as stylish—also, a functional upgrade from dated horizontal and vertical centralized mailboxes.  

Don’t Forget Lighting

For the additional mailbox security, you can add proper lighting to make it even extra safe. A poorly lit mailroom not only encourages mail theft but is also inconvenient for the residents as they don’t feel free to enter the space. Evidently, a properly well-lit place discourages theft and damage. Therefore, lighting is a serious consideration whether your package or mailbox is located outside or inside. Apart from this, you can go for a mailbox security camera.

Keep It Clean

Just like you put effort into cleaning your surroundings, you should also regularly focus on maintaining mailboxes. Taking care of your lockers can remind you to update periodically and repair damage as soon as possible. Remember, upgrading would pave the way for a safer locker besides enhancing the prestige of your property. 

Factors To Choose The Right System

Various manufacturers offer various features and facilities for your mailbox’s security. But, always review these factors when you have to find the right mailbox.

  • It goes without saying that USPS made strict regulations to guide the design and location to keep the residents’ mailbox security in mind. Thus, manufacturers have to follow all the guidelines so that users can receive the mail conveniently. 
  • Based on the regulation, the manufacturer encompasses the actual size of the mailboxes and package lockers. This includes the exact height from the ground as well as the distance from the road if placed outside. As per the latest USPS regulations, the mailbox package locker ratio has reformed from 1:10 to 1:5 as the demand for package delivery changed due to online shopping. 
  • While considering the security and convenience of the people so that they have the easiest access to their mail. For that, Interior mailrooms and other regulators such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Housing Act have to match with the standard USPS guidelines. Additionally, most localities have requirements that depend on where and how mailboxes are located on the publicly serviced property. 

You can maintain mailbox security and protect yourself from theft by following these steps. 

Definitely, choosing the perfect mailbox is a daunting task. Yet, following the right techniques, it can be managed. So, it is advisable to consult with the manufacturer, local postmaster, or USPS Growth Manager to offer you suggestions. These customized suggestions would be solely based on your requirements related to your mail delivery. 

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