Top 3 Mailboxes To Pick For Your New Home

When you shift to your new home, you need to change many things, such as your address, your old house, and your lovely mailbox. To receive your favorite magazines, newspapers, and letters from your dear ones, you must install a new mailbox for your new home. Picking the right mailbox for your new house can be stressful and daunting if you don’t know which kind of residential mailbox you want or require. The sections given below will explain the several kinds and styles of residential mailboxes that will assist you in picking an excellent mailbox for your home or yard. After all, a well-picked residential mailbox for your new address can add charm to your home by making a curb appeal. Today’s contemporary residential mailboxes are not only for holding mails. A lot of mailboxes enhance your home appearance and charm!

We have three types of mailboxes: single, double, and community mailbox. There are also post mount mailboxes, also called roadside or curbside mailboxes. There are different types of mailboxes, but today, we will talk about only three mailbox categories. If you are shifting to a community residential place, prefer installing a community mailbox. Else go for a single or double mailbox.

Below, we have listed the top three types of mailboxes that you can pick for your new address.  Find our top picks in residential locking mailboxes

A Community Mailbox

A community mailbox or a multi tenant mailbox is placed outside the community’s residents and collectively used by community members. You can easily see this mailbox installed along the streets, at a home depot, at the parks, and on sidewalks. These kinds of mailboxes comprise 10-12 boxes for every community member. The good part of community mailboxes is that each community member has their mailbox unique key so that no one can open your mail and intrude on your privacy and confidentiality. Only you can access your mailbox with the right key.

A Single Mailbox

Single or single lock mailboxes are the type of mailboxes placed outside the residents and used by only family members. You can find single mailboxes installed outside a house or on sidewalks. These kinds of mailboxes have only one box. The best part of single-lock mailboxes is that they have only one key so that no one can open your mail and intrude on your privacy and confidentiality. Only you can open your mailbox with the right key.

A Double Mailbox

Double or curbside double mailboxes are mailboxes installed outside the houses and can be used by only your family members or neighbors (if it’s shared). You can easily find double mailboxes installed along the streets, at residential places, at the parks, and on sidewalks. These types of mailboxes comprise only two boxes for your family member. The good part of community mailboxes is that each community member has their mailbox unique key so that no one can open your mail and intrude on your privacy and confidentiality. Only you can access your mailbox with your unique key. This way, you can keep your privacy protected. 

You can pick any mailboxes mentioned above that best suit you and your new home. Our top picks in residential mailboxes will surely meet your expectations and astonish your neighbors and visitors. After buying a new mailbox post for your new address, you need to know its installation tricks. Dig a bit deeper to learn the mailbox post installation tricks. 

How To Install Mailboxes For Your New Home

Are you shifting to a new home? Thinking of buying and installing a new mailbox in your new home, don’t sweat it; we are here for you. Installing a new mailbox in your new home is a convenient and inexpensive way to enhance the curb appeal of your new home. A mailbox is generally the first thing your neighbors and guests see when they’re visiting your residence, so you’ll need to install your mailbox correctly–from putting in a new post to adorning your newly bought mailbox. Here are the tips on how to install your new mailbox in merely six simple steps:

  • Buy A New Post And Mailbox: Most mailboxes can be installed on a 4×4-inch post, although a few mailbox types include more compound hardware. If you are just thinking of replacing a mailbox post, ensure whatever mailbox post you buy functions well with your existing mailbox. Most common mailboxes come in regular size (T1), large (T2), and extra-large (T3). Unconventional mailboxes may differ in size. Choose whichever mailbox style and size best fits you and your new home.
  • Make Sure Your Mailbox Post Is USPS Compliant: Assess how tall is your new mailbox post. As per the USPS guidelines, the base of a mailbox post must be 41 to 45 inches up from the main road. The mailbox post should be 6 to 8 inches high from the curb. If your new home does not have a high curb, reach out to your local postmaster for instructions.
  • Detach The Old Mailbox, And Install A New One: Dig deeper around the mailbox post with a shovel. If your spade blade touches concrete, dig a wider hole around the bottom of the post—splash water in and around the pit to loosen the soil. Twitch the mailbox until you can extract it out. Utilize leverage–for instance, a car jack or scrap wood–if required. Replace the old mailbox post at your nearest recycling hub.
  • Place The New Mailbox Post With Concrete: Here are the tips on effortlessly putting it inside a mailbox post. Put the newly bought mailbox post into the pit, ensuring it is at its best height. Try to make the mailbox post up with a safe buttress on each side, making sure that you have placed the mailbox post evenly and won’t move after you pour the concrete inside the pit. Prepare and run the concrete into the pit around the mailbox post; consider leaving a few inches of space at the upper surface of the pit.
  • Mount The Mailbox To The Post: Once the concrete is dry, you need to place a newly bought mailbox to the post. Fasten the recently purchased mailbox with the help of mounting brackets, following the guidelines given by the mailbox makers.
  • Customize Your New Mailbox: well, here comes the truly fun part! It’s all up to you to think about how to embellish and customize your newly bought mailbox. The only need is to carve it with your new house number neatly. All numbers and letters need to be one inch up from the curb. If your mailbox post is in a different street than your new house, you must mention the complete street address on the mailbox post.

That’s all there is to it! Placing or installing a new mailbox post for your new home is an effortless project that you can finish within a day. However, if you think you require support or help or don’t have enough time to place a new mailbox yourself, give mailboxes and Sign Solutions a call. Our highly experienced personnel will assist you with your mailbox installing or repairing projects–big or small. 

Above mentioned locking mailboxes can be the best mailbox type for your new home. Are you confused about where to buy a mailbox for your new home? We have got you covered. Mailboxes and Sign Solutions is your one-stop-shop solution for all your mailboxes, address plaques, signboards, etc. So, don’t delay and come to us to buy all new home needs. You can also call us or request an appointment online. We’ll assist you in getting the job done the proper way. Note: we may include additional Installation charges.

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