6 Trendy PVC Plastic Address Plaques And Best Place To Buy Them

Congratulations on your new home! Buying your own house is truly a great feeling to cherish, but at the same time, it brings arrangement and adjustment work while shifting. Whenever you move to any new place, the first thing that is vital is to hang or place an address plaque at the entrance. The Address Plaque is basically a label that tells your friends and neighbors about your current address.

Various Address Plaques in the market give you options to choose from and simultaneously make your choice difficult. If you want a strong and impactful Address plaque for your new house, you should go for PVC plastic address plaques. These PVC plasticized address plaques are durable, easier to mold and extrude, and have lower temperature resistance.

Best PVC Plastic Address Plaques

To make your decision easier, we have compiled a list of the six best PVC plastic address plaques. These address plaques check all the boxes as they are great in quality, appearance, and durability.

Address Plaque 6X12 PVC DECO

The Address Plaque 6X12 PVC DECO is a beautifully designed Deco address plaque decorated with golden and black borders. And this accessory adds a funky design to the house and comes at very affordable prices. 

ColorBlack & Golden

Address Plaque 8 X 16 PVC RECTANGLE

The Address Plaque 8 X 16 PVC RECTANGLE is a rectangular-shaped classic address plaque with wide golden borders at the sides. Furthermore, it is an excellent accessory to hang outside your door entrance. So, if you don’t want it in patterns, you can get it in a simple, modern, trendy touch.

Image Address:

Size8 X 16

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Address Plaque 10 X 16 PVC GLENVIEW

The Address Plaque 10 X 16 PVC GLENVIEW is an attractive address plaque for your home, plated with 100% pure aluminum. In addition, this address plaque comes decorated with golden and green borders to enhance the overall appearance of your home entrance.

ColorGreen & Golden
Size10 X 16

Address Plaque 7.5X15 PVC PALENCIA

The Address Plaque 7.5X15 PVC PALENCIA is an impressive solid black-colored address plaque that gives it proper definition. Furthermore, this address plaque is made with quality material and comes at very reasonable pricing.


Address Plaque 8X17 PVC LARGE OVAL

The Address Plaque 8X17 PVC LARGE OVAL is a beautiful oval-shaped address plaque that is made with super-quality material and perfect for your doorstep. Moreover, this address plaque is uniquely designed and comes at pocket-friendly prices.


Address Plaque 9 X 16 PVC ORNATE

The Address Plaque 9 X 16 PVC ORNATE is a unique, attractive, curvy-shaped address plaque decorated with great patterns. In addition, this address plaque is designed with solid material and is best priced.

ColorBlack base with a golden touch
Size9 X 16

Where To Hang an Address Plaque?

Now that you have bought a new Address plaque for your home, the question is where to hang this Address plaque. Firstly, please check with your town, village, or city to know the building codes and restrictions. Also, check with your “Homeowners Association” to know the protocols regarding home address plaques. It’s always great to check with the regulators before mounting address plaques to save yourself from the further hassle of moving it.

You may have a couple of ideas in your head for placing the Address plaque, but let us help you with the mentioned suggestions for Address plaque placement to confirm if you are going in the direction.

  • Good Visibility

It is very important to hang the Address Plaque in a visible place where no other shrubs or trees can hide it. And where people can see it from a distance, such as roads and sidewalks. 

  • Symmetry

Always try to hang the Address plaque symmetrically. Considering your home’s architectural features, place your Address plaque to set and complement them.  

  • Avoid “On-door” Placement

The placement of the Address plaque at the front door looks very awkward for the visitors and the overall entrance appearance. Rather than placing a numerical address plaque at the front door, try to hang a “Welcome” sign there to invite visitors.

  • Place The Address Plaque At An Appropriate Height

Don’t hang your Address Plaque too low or too high. Hang it somewhere between 4.5 ft. and 5.5 ft. high, as it allows a perfect viewing range for the average person.

Where To Buy PVC Plastic Address Plaques?

An Address Plaque is vital to identify your correct and current house address and helps receive parcels quickly. Also, the address plaque should be bold and clear to be readable and avoid confusion in figuring out the accurate address. The PVC plastic address plaques are the strongest, most durable, and most impactful address plaques that give your home a permanent identity.

Whether you are browsing for traditional or modern PVC Plastic Address Plaques, you can now get them at Mailbox And Sign Solutions. We have a wide collection of high-quality address plaques with attractive patterns and shades at very fair prices. Also, we do provide repair and installation services for street signs and custom mailboxes. Visit our site to order PVC plastic address plaques, or for more related queries, contact us at 407-366-6565 or write to us at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

An address plaque is one of the vital home and office accessories that help visitors locate you and allow carriers to deliver your parcel to your current location. Also, a clear and readable address plaque is crucial to help emergency personnel to reach you. 

The home address plaque is not expensive; its price depends on its size, quality, design, and the company you purchase it from.

The PVC plastic address plaques are solid and impressive, made of strong and durable plastic material. The PVC plastic address plaques are also made to accommodate the weather while giving your address or sign a quality, classy look. Furthermore, these address plaques are available in multiple shades and shapes, including square, circular, oval, round, and rectangle.

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