Affordable Street Sign Parts For Sale

Durable & Affordable Street Sign Parts For Sale

You might have noticed a Sign named “ Parking” under Hospitals or other Buildings, but you know what this sign is called. It basically is a Street Sign that comes in different forms, sizes, and colors to indicate a piece of information in brief with the help of a sign. 

These Street Signs mount at different places like houses, offices, schools, hospitals, universities, the military, and many more. The design of the Street sign builds by assembling several street sign hardware and parts together. Let’s read about the street sign parts based on different shapes and dimensions.

street sign parts

Major Street Sign Components

Some of the major street sign components, when combined together, form a well-built street sign. Let’s know about them separately to understand their contribution to a whole street sign design.

  • Poles

Poles are the most smooth, flute-shaped round structure that mostly lengths up to 16 feet. They easily get buried as they come with surface mount options.

  • Bases

Bases provide an auxiliary design detail to better the appearance of your street sign. These bases come in several shapes and dimensions, including 4” x 4” square and 3” and 4” O/D round poles. Also, they are available in custom and standard powder-coated finishes.

  • Post Toppers

Post Toppers are made from rustproof cast aluminum with a powder-plated base finish to be durable as Poles. They come in various designs, including Horse Head Toppers, Acorn Topper, traditional Ball Toppers, and Spiral Topper. 

  • Banner Arms And Sign Mounts

Sign Mounting Brackets come under two types – Single and Double signs. Also, these brackets come at reasonable prices and are available in different styles, including twist lock, bolt-through, and clamp-on brackets to enhance the show of your streetscape project.

  • Custom Sign Mounts

Custom Sign Mounts are designed to offer a community, town, or commercial development a unique and distinct look by adding images and other logos to them. Vinyl logos and Plasma cuts can be added to most of the sign mount.

  • Back Plates and Sign Frames 

Sign Frames and Back Plates add visual stability and depth to the sign structure. Just like a picture frame, these frames offer up to a 1” disclose near the sign’s edge to add a high-end, elegant appearance. 

  • Pole Top Mounting Brackets

The Pole Top Mounting Finials and Brackets put an attractive finishing touch at the top of your street signs, or fix one street sign to another.  

  • Street Name Sign Blades

The Street Name Sign Blades come in custom lengths and standard sizes. Also, these sign blades have a wide variety of fonts and colors that brings a lively appearance to them. You can also get these blades with line art images and logos on them.

Street Sign Parts

As we know, Street Sign Parts come in varieties of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, so let’s understand them separately on the above basis.

  • 26″ X 32″ Rectangle Backer With Frame

This 26″ X 32″ Rectangle Backer is one of the strongest backers with a metallic body. This Backer comes with a frame and is used beside your curb to warn or inform the general public. This product comes in different patterns and styles. If you wish to buy an ideal design for your home area, this street backer is perfect for you as it is available in multiple patterns and color choices.

Shape Rectangle
Size 26″ X 32″
Price $175.00


  • 3 Inch Fluted Post Per Linear Foot

The 3 Inch Black Square Fluted Post is one of the common street sign parts perfect for enhancing the appearance of the outer space of your home. This Fluted Post Per Linear Foot comes with a round fluted column to place around the premises.

Shape Flute
Size 3 INCH
Price $15.00


  • 32 Inch Square Or Diamond Backer With Frame

This 32 inches Square or Diamond-shaped signboard is one of the basic backers to be placed on your premises. It comes with a frame and needs to be painted before placing it near your curb or any place you require to place it. 

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Shape Square
Size 32 INCH
Price $195.00


  • 32″ Octagon Stop Backer With Frame

The Octagon framed Stop Backer is one of the essential parts of street sign design that is basically used for alarming or warning signs. It is made of good quality material and comes in a black shade to give full clarity in visibility. Also, it is available at the best pricing with both repair and installation services.

Shape Octagon
Size 32″ 
Price $195.00


  • 32″ Triangle Yield Backer With Frame

This Yield Backer is a triangle in shape and comes with Frame. It is made of durable material, and its shape is mostly used as a warning sign. Its solid black color gives the information written on street signs more clarity and visibility. Also, it is available at great pricing with both installation and repair services.

Shape Triangle
Size 32″ 
Price $195.00


  • 6″ X 30″ Egp Reflective Street Sign Blade

The 6×30 EGP Reflective Street Sign Blade is perfect to use for directing or indicating the exact location on the signboard. It comes with great quality and pricing. Also, its light green color makes it visible to people. And it comes with a perk of repair and installation service. 

Shape Blade-type
Size 6″ X 30″
Price $95.00


  • 6″ X 30″ Street Blade With Sign Frame

The 6″ X 30″  Street Sign Blade is useful to indicate the place on the signboard. This sign blade is a high-quality board made of durable material and available at fair pricing. Moreover, its green color blade makes the information visible and clear to the people. 

Shape Blade-type
Size 6″ X 30″
Price $220.00


  • 6″ X 30″ Street Sign Frame

The 6″ X 30″ Street Sign Frame is useful to show the direction of the location of your home & office on the street sign board. It is the most qualitative sign blade at great pricing. Also, its black border makes the information more clearly mentioned on it. Both repair and installation service is available for this product.

Shape Blade-type
Size 6″ X 30″
Price $125.00


  • 9″ X 36″ Egp Reflective Street Sign Blade

This EGP Reflective Street Sign Blade comes in 9×36 cm of size and is perfect to indicate the accurate location of your home, office, or any building on the street signboard. This qualitative street sign blade features a black border and comes at affordable prices. 

Shape Blade-type
Size 9″ X 36″
Price $125.00


  • 9″ X 36″ Street Sign Frame

The 9×36 Street Sign Blade is one of the perfect street sign frames to show the direction of specific premises. You will get this street sign frame at affordable pricing and with good material. In addition, its solid black color clears the information mentioned on it.

Shape Blade-type
Size 9″ X 36″
Price $155.00
  • C3 Acorn Finial

This Acorn Finial comes in solid material and in an attractive pattern at the best pricing. It’s good material quality makes it durable and perfect for styling as a street board design. Also, its solid black shine is best for use for the completion of acorn finials.

Shape Acorn
Color Black
Price $45.00



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