Thinking To Refurbish Your Mailbox? Don’t Miss These Best DIY Hacks!

If the outer part of your community’s or residential mailboxes is manifesting indications of flaking or chipping off, possibly it’s high time to think of a mailbox refurbishment job. With the passing time, particularly in Florida, sources like the sun and in coastal sites, the salt exposure will begin to worsen the textured finish on your mailbox systems. Removing your old, pre-installed mailbox is always a good option, but there are choices to get some more years of utilization out of your mailbox setups that can offer a “like new” look. If your mailbox is facing any kind of issue or showing refurbishment signs, consider using these methods:

Check Mailbox Installation And Any Damaged Parts

Prior to refurbishing your residential or community mailboxes, you need to check that they are not inclined and don’t have any damaged mounting bases, brackets, or pole toppers. If you see that a few mailboxes setups have begun to lean, you need to replace the mailbox footers and systems and consider re-installing them with concrete footers. It is also typical for mailbox setups to have missing latch mechanisms, damaged brackets, and ornate bases that are disarranged. You’ll be willing to get these common problems resolved prior to moving forward with the forthcoming steps. 

Scrub And Clean Them Thoroughly

After you are done installing your residential or community mailbox setups properly, you can scrub and clean the outer surface of the mailbox. You’ll need to use an effective and powerful drill with a cable brush to replace any flaking or loose vinyl numbers or finish. You don’t require removing all the existing coating, but just sufficient to make a polished, clean texture to put the new paint on. After you’ve cleaned all the debris, just add some liquid soap gel in a bucket or bowl of hot water, swab the outer surface of your residential or community mailbox setup.

Use An Oil-Based Paint And Primer

You are advised not to use any random color to paint and refurbish your old mailboxes. You need to spray a layer of primer on the mailbox first and then coat it with oil-based paint to get the best possible appearance. Oil-based paints give a sturdy, extensive color to improve the look of your aluminum mailboxes. The mere drawback is that oil-based paints take more time to dry, at times up to 24 hours. In contrast, acrylic paints get dry within an hour. Also, be cautious to prevent over-spray when putting the primer and paint. 

Don’t Forget the Address Numbers.

After your newly applied paint coat gets dried, it is high time to give the finishing touches to your mailbox setups. You can put paint on the mailbox for a high-end appearance for the latest vinyl address numbers, or you could go with stainless steel or brass address numbers. 

Are you still confused about how to refurbish your old and worn mailbox systems? Here is the detailed process for refurbishing your mailbox. I hope the detailed process of mailbox refurbishment will help you understand better. 

Detailed Hacks For Mailbox Refurbishment

Above, we have mentioned a brief on refurbishing your mailbox systems. But we want you to know the refurbishing process thoroughly. Whether you’re a knowledgeable renovator or a novice DIY-er, learning hacks to repair particular things around your residence can save you a lot of money and time. Being handy around your home not only can save you so much money, but it offers internal empowerment knowing that you can easily take care of some minor issues all by yourself. You don’t have to rely on other people to do it for you.

Redo The Painting Job

Just like a small amount of paint coating can go a long way when you plan to enhance a room’s appearance. Similarly, it works for residential or community mailboxes. Several repairers believe people should learn how to fix marks, scratches, and spots on a well-painted mailbox. If the paint coating is scraped off, consider buying and applying the original paint on the mailbox. Doing so is a wise option as it will probably blend right in. However, if you are going to the paint shop or store to buy a few new paints, ensure that you visit the same store brand, the same sheen, purchase the same paint type, and the same color so it’s less probable that a line of marking off will be visible around the spot.

When it comes to mailbox repair tasks, people need to know how to finish a paint job like a pro. For this, you need to scrub and clean the dirty mailbox site with a damp cleaning sponge and mild soap. After it gets dry, use a supreme quality primer with a tiny or medium-sized paintbrush, based on the size of the site, and let the paint dry completely. At last, using the same paintbrush you used to put the original paint, delicately apply the paint to the mailbox site starting at the interior of the touch-up; after that, move out toward the corners. If you can spot the touch-up once the paint dries, then painting the mailbox corner to corner will allow it to look polished and clean again.

Fix A Mailbox Door That Sticks

If you are a beginner at DIY-style mailbox repairs, you need to learn how to fix a sticky mailbox door. It is the best way to get your feet wet. You should closely inspect the gaps between the frame and the door. Thereafter, look for sites with no holes to determine where the problem lies.

After figuring out the problem, you need to loosen or tighten the hinge screws in the mailbox door and the post until the reveal — aka the gap between the door and bar — is smoothly filled. If the mailbox door is still sticking at the bottom or top, you will require scraping off some material, which can be done with sanding and a hand plane. For this, you need to start by demarcating the mailbox door where it sticks or rubs against the top or side of the jamb. Then replace the mailbox door and use a belt sander or plane to remove most of the undesired material or parts; we also call it a mailbox repair parts job. Once you are close to the scribe line, use sandpaper to smooth the door’s edge before putting it back up. If the jamb is finicky and creates hassle, consider choosing the mailbox post repair job. 

Replace The Damaged Mailbox Parts

For a novice-friendly mailbox refurbishing task that merely takes a couple of minutes but can leave a great impact on a site, we suggest repairing and fixing holes in your mailboxes. If you want to refurbish your lovely mailbox replacement parts should not be neglected. If you want to leverage the mailbox refurbishment services, you need to do the repairing jobs correctly.

Look for a better store to purchase some necessary mailbox replacement parts, and if they provide mailbox repair service, undoubtedly, it’s the best place to look for. If you are unable to find the best shop that delivers the best replacement parts, search online for mailbox repair near me, it would be a win-win situation. 

Make Your Mailbox Weatherproof 

After effectively refurbishing your old mailbox, you need to protect it from bad weather conditions. Just like weatherproofing of a residence’s major areas, including windows and doors, can make your home more cozy and appealing ​and​ aid in reducing your electricity bills. Similarly, weatherproofing the mailboxes can give them a more attractive look and save you a lot of maintenance charges. Placing an effective weather strip to the bottom of your mailbox or around it can aid your mailbox to stay warm by keeping hassles at bay. Doing so can help reduce your maintenance bills and make your mailbox more appealing. 

Install A New Mailbox

If your mailbox is way older, installing a new mailbox is the only option. However, installing a new mailbox is an easy and inexpensive way to enhance the curb appeal of your residential mailbox while sharpening your DIY skills. Replace your old and worn mailbox with a sharp shovel by digging up from the pole. Run water in the pit can help loosen the soil to make it convenient to jiggle out.

After digging out the old mailbox post, you’ll have to anchor the pole of your newly bought mailbox with concrete. Place the new pole into the pit, ensure that the top of the mailbox is at a suitable height, and prop the pole up with safe supports on every side to ensure that it’s smooth and won’t shake or shift once you pour the concrete. Make and pour concrete into the pit dug around the pole, and once it dries, install the new mailbox to the pole with the help of mounting brackets and the instructions given by the manufacturer.

If you are planning for mailbox refurbishment, consider using the above tips. However, if you are shifting to a new address and want to purchase a new mailbox for your new house, come to Mailbox and Signs Solution. We manufacture customized mailboxes and deliver them speedily. We also deliver mailbox replacement parts along with the mailbox installation service.

Pro: Mailbox installation charges are additional.

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