Modern Residential Mailboxes for Aesthetic Appeal

When it comes to mailboxes, everybody wants a durable product with little or zero maintenance. But if you want a mailbox that matches the architectural appeal of your house, then you may need some modern mailboxes. One of the popular choices amongst the residential mailboxes is stainless steel design because of its ability to stay rust and damage-free for longer periods. Being the best mailbox installer near you, we have put together a list of modern residential mailboxes that you can buy for aesthetic value to your house.

European Home Mailboxes

European home mailboxes are made of high-quality stainless steel with clean lines. It is an optional wall-mounted mailbox for a minimalistic design. It comes with a high-security lock and two keys, and its wide top-hinged covers offer substantial space for large mail, and the front door allows for easy mail retrieval.

Bobi Mailboxes

This residential mailbox comes in bold colors and is made with long-lasting stainless steel or zinc-plated steel with a generous coating of weather-resistant polyurethane. It is a secure mailbox with double-layered, reinforced corners and comes with in-built locking closure. Its wide mail flap offers enough room for large-sized mails.

Ecco Mailboxes

This is an ideal blend of quality with modern design. It is made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel and is a wall-mounted mailbox. Ecco mailboxes come with a wide top-hinged cover and an address plaque for the name and house number.

Jayco Industries Mailboxes

The Jayco residential mailboxes are designed with twelve-gauge steel and boast magnetic closures on the front panel. It comes in multiple color variants, and each of them has a red signal flag for the roadside postal routes.

Custom Mailboxes

You can always opt for custom mailboxes based on the design and material quality you want to have. A mailbox installer will help you design a safe, durable, and modern-looking residential mailbox that will suit the architectural design of your house and boost the aesthetic appeal of your property.


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