Preparing your Mailbox for the Winters

Receiving mail is one of the necessities in one’s life because, through the mail, you receive your bills, taxes, mortgage report, parcels, packages, and any other such deliveries. We can agree that receiving mail is necessary and taking care of the mailbox is even more so during the changing weather. Just like your house, your mailbox needs preparation and conditioning to withstand the harsh climate and temperatures. Unlike the porch or the insides, the mailbox has to withstand many other things, even more so than a house does. In summer, the mailbox can withstand the temperature rise, but you will have to take special care to get it ready to prepare for the winter so that it doesn’t succumb to the weather and the cold climate.

So, here are the things you need to keep in mind to take care of your residential mailbox for the winter:

1. Checking its Usage and Functionality

Make sure that your mailbox is functional and operational. Check whether it can open and close easily. Keep in mind that winter can bring snow and strong winds, which can disrupt a mailbox’s functioning. You need to adjust its latch to make it suitable for the winter.

2. Making sure of its visibility

Heavy snow or snowstorm can hide your mailbox from the eyes of the delivery person or the mailman. So, keep the area around the mailbox clear and empty. You can also place some reflective markers on the mailbox to make it visible even in snow or during the snowstorm. If possible, use highly visible reflective markers like yellow-green, blue, or red.

3. Don’t forget about the base of the mailbox

Taking care of the mailbox also means that taking care of the post on which the mailbox stands. The weight of accumulated snow can break your mailbox’s post, so the use of iron posts is more advisable. Also, make sure that you keep the area around the mailbox clean of debris and snow.

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