Things You Never Knew About Street Name Signs

Looking for information regarding street name signs? We have got you covered. There are three main categories of street or traffic signs used in the United States of America: regulatory, warning, and guide. One of the most basic or common guide signs is the street name sign. Street name signs can be seen on all kinds of roads. Even if you’re passing through a metropolitan city or driving down a rural route, you’ll likely encounter them. They are anticipated as guide signs since they give guidance or directions to motorists and other street users. However, you might be acquainted with the basic purpose of street name signs. There are a few things you never knew about them. Sometimes, people also like to install personalized street name signsIn this guide, we will talk about those things that are pretty unfamiliar to most people. So, let’s get started:

Includes Whole Of Street Names

Street name signs generally don’t consist of markers, directional arrows, or other relevant symbols. Instead, they include the full name of the street. How do automobile drivers know exactly where the road carried by a neighboring street name sign is situated? Street name signs are oriented with the roadway that they go. In simpler words, they indicate the direction of the thoroughfare without depending on symbols.

Needs Mixed-Case Letters

You will never see any street name signs in lowercase or uppercase letters. The MUTCD or Uniform Traffic Control Devices manual needs to be in mixed-case letters. Mixed-case letters are a standard style that includes using an uppercase letter for the initial letter in each word and the rest letters being in lowercase. Research has shown that street name signs with mixed-case letters are easier to read than those in all lowercase or all uppercase letters. Consequently, mixed-case letters street name signs have become the ubiquitous formatting style of street name signs.

White With Green Is the Most Basic Color Scheme

However, you can see street name signs with a variety of color schemes, the most basic color pattern they have crafted includes white on green. They are painted with white letters formatted in mixed case–on a completely green background. This color pattern has become the most common with street name signs in the United States. This color scheme is widely used for U.S. street name signs. People also ask why are some street name signs red. They are all custom-made, and people who prefer red want their street name signs red. 

A Few Street Name Signs Possess A Blue Background

There are some exceptions to the white on the green color pattern. A few street name signs, for instance, were painted with a blue background and white letters. Minnesota, for instance, possesses street name signs white letters on a blue background to appoint a snow emergency path. Now, a question arises: why are street name signs different colors? The answer is very simple: drivers may use different sign paths during heavy snow. 

Use Of Street Name Sign Borders, Prefix, And Suffix 

Street name signs don’t need to feature a border as per the guidelines of MUTCD Section 2D.43. Most thrust-out blade street name signs won’t include a border. If it possesses a border, it needs to contrast the background color of street name signs.

Pictographs or images are permitted to be written on street name signs. Pictures of these street name signs are official and original community icons or seals representing a local area of interest. Following the guidelines of MUTCD Section 2D.43, pictographs cannot go beyond the size of an upper-case letter on the principal sign legend.

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