Simple Hacks To Protect Your Letters Without Mailbox Replacement

If you have a rustic or damaged mailbox, you must know what it feels like to get wet letters and parcels. You wake up and rush to the mailbox to see a floppy and squishy paper that may contain important information. But all you can see are wrinkled envelopes with smeared ink on them. And then you try to open it, hoping that you would iron it or let it dry to get the information but in doing so, the paper tears and makes things messier. Because once mail is soiled, it is impossible to retrieve the information. However, you can still protect your mails, letters, and parcels without the expensive mailbox replacement. So, without further ado, let’s start this blog on saving your belongings from damage. 

Leaks And Holes Caused By Rust And Deterioration Of Mailbox

We have already shown you how to do urgent repairs in a mailbox and fix a mailbox door in this blog: Emergency Mailbox Repair: The Ultimate DIY Hacks To Fix Mailboxes. But, this blog is special because it will show you to repair the mailbox structure without tearing it up. After all, repairing a mailbox doesn’t necessarily mean doing mailbox replacement with fancy mailboxes. 

Also, you can repair a mailbox without hiring an expensive repair service. But for the mailbox replacement, you may require an expert who has good knowledge of tools and repair techniques. So we will skip that part here.  

Examine your mailbox if it is only rusting from the outside or inside. If the rust is only on the outside, you can paint it to prevent oxidation. But, if the rusting is inside the mailbox too, it’s something to worry about. A mailbox rusting from the inside can leave cracks and holes, increasing the probability of leakage into the mailbox.   

So, firstly, install a rust sleeve. You can prevent wet mail and rust stains effortlessly with its help. A rust sleeve is a liner for the inside of the mailbox that covers the holes and cracks. Once you affix it, you would hardly know that it is there. It contains a flexible ABS arch for the top portion and is made from rigid aluminum. Also, it is super quick and easy to install, and you wouldn’t require any tools. Ultimately, you will save yourself from spending thousands of bucks on expensive mailbox replacements. 

You can use either the ABS arch liner’s white or black side because it is reversible. If you were wondering how an ABS rust sleeve can prevent my belongings, then know that ABS is a well-known substance in the DIY world. It is weather-resistant, durable, and appropriate for intense outdoor temperatures. The item is available in markets and online stores in two sizes: Small (6.25” x 8”) and Large (8” x 10”). Additionally, it works in all the metal and plastic mailboxes. In less than 20 minutes, you can practically replace the mailbox by combining the rust sleeve with a snap-in door. And you have done mailbox replacement without needing a new one.

Leaks Caused By The Mailbox Door Flap

Mailbox lid replacement: A broken or poorly installed mailbox door flap or a door that doesn’t shut properly is another common reason for leakage. If your mailbox is made of metal, you can check that its lid covers the opening when the door is closed. Although if the lid is not closing the mailbox properly, you can fix it with a plastic latch set. It will cost you less than 20$. Or, you can get retro-fit mailbox doors for repairing the mailbox without doing the mailbox replacement.

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Bonus Tip: Mailbox Flag Replacement

Mailbox flag replacement has nothing to do with the leakage or crack in the mailbox. But, as we are trying to protect your letters and parcels, this becomes a crucial step. One of the reasons your mails and letters are getting wet is that you cannot take them out on time. And that can be possibly due to the damage to the mailbox flag. A carrier signal flag is what a mailbox flag is officially called. It lets the mailman know that there is mail in the box that must be picked up and delivered to its destination. You can know when your letters, magazines, and newspapers are in the mailbox and retrieve your packaged mails on time. 

You can also consider mailbox door replacement to save your mail. An old or damaged mailbox flag can make your mailbox look worn out and outdated. Fortunately, it is easy and cheap to replace the mailbox flag rather than doing a mailbox replacement for the whole mailbox post. 

Follow these simple steps to affix the mailbox carrier flag. 

Step 1

Keep the bracket in the flag to help secure the mailbox. 

Step 2

Now, position the rubber or ring on the bracket. 

Step 3

Insert the bracket with assembled parts from the holes outside the mailbox. 

Step 4

Push the flag into the bracket until it fits properly and tightly. 

Step 5

You are done. Try to keep your flag standing to see if it is working. Lastly, if you wish your flag to be more tightly inserted, then push the flag deeper into the hole. 

Save Your Letters From Getting Soiled

In closing, you can save your letters from getting soiled by protecting your mailbox. And you can do it without going for the mailbox replacement option, which is expensive and time-consuming. Try the flag technique and retrieve your belongings on time. Paint your mailboxes to protect them from rusting and install a rust sleeve inside if the damage is too much. 

If these DIY hacks cannot help you with your problem, buy a well-furnished galvanized steel and aluminum-coated mailbox from Mailbox And Sign Solutions. You won’t regret your decision ever. Our mailboxes can hold and store more than 20 letters without sacrificing quality. Even the small curbside mailboxes are strong enough to withstand the torture of weather and snowplow. In addition to this, our mailboxes will protect your mail at any cost. Also, if you require a handyperson to do mailbox replacement, we can help you. So contact us anytime and experience the best mailbox replacement and refurbishing services. And, to shop our sturdy and stylish mailboxes, visit our site. 

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