Do I Need Modern Monument Signs To Promote My Business?

If you are puzzled about installing Modern Monument Signs to promote yourself or your business, this blog is for you. A modern monument sign is an excellent way to get commercial premises the attention it deserves. Monument signs are highly versatile and useful because their style matches the design of your brand and increases your visibility. Also, there are many styles to choose from. These large signs contain a business name, logo, and tagline representing your business. Some monument signs may also contain information about your business, like the contact number or address.

Additionally, some modern monument signs are installed on walls and hills, while others sit at the ground level to promote your business. 

Read this blog until the end to know how modern monument signs look and work and their types. Also, by reading this, you will understand whether you need a modern monument sign or not.  

How Do Modern Monument Signs Look?

As mentioned above, modern monument signs are installed at the ground level or on a hill; therefore, they are made with special material and have some eye-catching elements. Generally, these are made with mortar, bricks, stone, stainless steel, plastic, concrete, and other sturdy and durable material. In fact, some monument signs have LED lights, floral decorations, and other fancy designs. 

Difference Between A Monument Sign And A Pylon Sign 

Modern monument signs should not be confused with free-standing pylon signs. Pylon signs are mounted high on the poles that are visible from a distance. On the other hand, monument signs are intended to be seen at eye level and to offer information in a direct line of sight. Building monument signs are often located near the main entrance or at the start of a parking lot. Whereas the apartment monument signs give a great first impression about the area. 

Types Of Modern Monument Signs 

At eye level, free-standing outdoor monument signs provide several benefits. Firstly, the sign’s design enables business owners to coordinate the display with the building’s front aesthetics. Secondly, important information like contact or addresses can be displayed in a unique way using the monument sign. 

These are some of the popular monument sign types:

Monument Signs For Single Buildings

This style of sign is useful for a building that stands alone. It reflects durability and stability and makes your company easier for customers to recognize.

Monument Signs For Multiple Tenants 

These are useful at strip malls, on the exteriors of office buildings, and in industrial parks. Visitors may see which firms are housed, what their locations are, and what purpose they serve. 

Illuminated Signs 

These provide the strongest visual effect day and night when illuminated. The LED signs are inexpensive to maintain and simple to install.

Outdoor Directories

You can see these signs on campuses and parks. Visitors can find these signs useful in large retail parks or campuses. 

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What Is The Purpose Of Monument Signs?

The primary work of monument signs is to tell people about a location that may be far from the vicinity of people. Simply put, it brings more people to off-street places, cafes, diners, and businesses. Monuments, landscapes, government-protected sites, amusement parks, and residential parks all can have monument signs. Apart from these, you can see monument signs at the following places:  

  • Retail outlets and stores in sprawling retail parks
  • Hospitals and their parking lots
  • Businesses and organizations located off the main highway
  • Hotels and motels
  • Places of worship
  • Restaurants, cafes, and diners
  • Banks and financial organizations
  • Apartment buildings
  • Gated communities
  • Historical sights and monuments 
  • Tourist attractions 
  • Country’s famous places and attractions 

Moreover, monument signs act as landmarks if it is strategically planned. The crucial thing to remember here is that it should be eye-catching, unique, and easy to remember. And we should not forget that a good landmark helps in navigation too. You can refer to your monument sign while giving directions to the people. 

It would be best if you get illuminated LED signs for your business. This will allow your name and brand to shine even at night. 

Perks Of The Modern Monument Signs

By now, you must have learned that modern monument signs are a form of advertising and a means to increase your branding. It is a cost-effective way to give you organic attraction and foot traffic without too much effort. In addition to that, it creates a long-lasting impression on the visitors.

If personalized carefully, a monument sign can help people remember your brand. Also, monument signs are constructed to match the aesthetics of your building and community. They become a part of the landscape by enhancing the community’s appearance. Brick monument signs and wooden monument signs effortlessly showcase quintessential ancient vibes.  

Monument signs are a one-time investment that stays for a sufficient time. They are durable and strong enough that you don’t have to put any effort into maintenance. We have already covered the benefits of monument signs in detail, so you can learn more about them here-  5 Benefits Of Monument Sign Installation For A Business. You will also learn what materials you should use to customize robust and durable monument signs in the mentioned blog.  

Now, here comes the climax. Do you need to install monument signs? Let’s know about it here. 

Conclusion: Does My Business Need Monument Signs? 

It is easy to determine whether your business needs a monument sign or not. Is your business located off sight from the road or street? Or, you don’t get enough visitors in your store or diner. Or, perhaps your business is excelling, but you wish to expand it and reach more people. If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need a monument sign. Get an illuminated monument sign so you can increase your brand awareness all the time without doing any marketing job. Enjoy serving your customers with all the perks that modern monument signs offer. 

Contact us to learn more about monument signs or get them personalized. We turn your dream vision into a reality. We are Mailbox And Sign Solutions. Our passion is manufacturing, replacing, and renovating mailboxes, custom signs, and monument signs. From deciding the correct place to set up the sign, designing the logo and name, to installing the signs as you desire, we support you in your journey. So, don’t wait anymore to get unlimited foot traffic in your business; share the idea with us and turn it into a gleaming reality.  

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