5 Key Benefits Of A Monument Sign Installation For Your Business

Is your business located far away from the streets and roads? Do you know what can help your hidden business to increase visibility? A monument sign is not just any sign giving directions or advertising things, but a free-standing sign that can sit at the ground level or be installed on a hill, building, or road. A monument sign has endless benefits for a business. Monument signs are combined with graphics and architectural styles to create one-of-a-kind signage that will be noticed and remembered by everyone passing by. Therefore monument signs are necessary. This blog will clear your confusion and give you valid reasons to install a monument sign and how to install a monument sign. 

Benefits Of A Monument Sign 

Monument signs are not only beneficial for businesses but also for non-profit organizations. Let’s read how a monument sign can help you increase your visibility:

  • Increases Visibility 
  • Boosts Marketing 
  • Budget-Friendly 
  • Branding And Reputation 
  • Helps In Navigation 

Increases Visibility 

As discussed above, monument signs give clear visibility to motorists and pedestrians. Monument signs are located near the roadway and sidewalk as they are huge to be seen from afar. Hidden businesses and nonprofits must increase visibility. 

Boosts Marketing 

Monument signs help boost business marketing by reaching more people than radio, newspapers, ads, etc. It is a one-time investment that does free marketing for you after the installation. It helps to attract the members of your location and other people passing by. Monument signs help integrate a message that can raise your exposure and enhance your branding within your local area, depending on the style of monument sign you choose. Schools, churches, and companies that have a lot of events or sales to promote can benefit from LED monument signage. In the same way, nonprofits and charitable trusts can also use monument signs to raise awareness and promote a cause. Using these versatile signs, you can give your message clearly and effectively. 


Unlike other forms of marketing, a monument sign is weather-resistant and stays long-term to do your marketing. It is a much better investment for marketing than temporary and non-eco-friendly forms like newspapers, pamphlets, etc. It is budget-friendly and can be constructed from the same materials you have used in your building. 

Branding and Reputation 

Monument signs help give an identity to your brand and increase its reputation effortlessly. When people see a monument sign, they know that you are invested in your business seriously and are more likely to get attracted to a serious brand. Signage is a medium through which people recognize and remember your brand’s name.  

Helps In Navigation 

A clear monument sign often acts as a landmark and is helpful in navigation signs that will help you provide easy assistance to your visitors. 

Now that you have read all the uses of a monument sign Installation, you must be curious to install one for your building. To establish a vital monument sign, you need to know the material that goes into fabricating the same. Read ahead, and you will learn everything you need to know about installing the perfect monument sign. 

What Kind of Material Is Used In Monument Signs  

The cost of a monument sign depends upon its material. Since monument signs are a solid solution to all the needs, the materials needed in its installation are also robust. 

Brick and Stones 

A monument sign made with Bricks, stones, and rocks is stable and looks classy as they give an aesthetic touch to the signs. 


Wood is used to give a traditional appearance. Commercial and municipal properties such as cottages, resorts, and state parks mostly use monument signs made of wood. 


Monument signs with a basic look are made of a concrete base. They are long-lasting and waterproof. You can see these types of monument signs at the entrances of local parks and cities. 

Aluminum and Metal 

Aluminum and metal monument designs give a sleek and sharp appearance and can also form a combination of different things. If you want to give your brand a modern appearance or perspective, you should choose an aluminum and metal monument sign. 


Foamcore can create a look of stone and building, but they are usually lightweight and less expensive. Foamcore signs are easy to remove if you consider changing them when you want. 


Plastic or a high-density Urethane is beneficial as it can be molded into various shapes. With the help of a plastic complex, designs are made easily. 

Customizing Monument Signs 

Are you considering installing custom outdoor monument signs for your business or organization? Here are essential tips to remember while doing so. You can choose a variety of combinations, features, colors, and designs to get monument signage. 

  • Select the brand name, logo, or title in advance. Think of a catchy yet small introduction to your business or organization
  • Take your time to think and research. Create a short, simple Call To Action 
  • Mention your website, number, and address if it is a banner or poster 
  • If you own a hotel, cafe, or restaurant, create an avatar or mascot to represent your brand to attract potential customers to your business.
  • Think about how you want your monument sign to be with corners or sharp angles. 
  • Do you want an illuminating sign with LED, spotlights, digital messages, etc.? If yes, add it without sweating on it.

A variety of colors, designs, fonts, and materials are available for the installers, so take your time to think and decide. With these essential tips, you will be able to customize a perfect monument sign for your business. 

Professional Monument Sign Installation 

Selecting the appropriate material and customizing a monument sign is a risky task. Let professionals do the hassle for you. Hire someone who understands the needs of your business or organization. Reach out to Mailbox And Sign Solutions. It is a brand that helps businesses and organizations install the perfect monument signs—being the leading manufacturer of custom monument signs, address plaques, and street signs. We cater to our customers’ needs. In addition to this, we ease your hassle by providing repairing, replacing, and refurbishment services for signs and mailboxes. 

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