Installing Traffic Signs For Your Community? Know It All Here

For a community to function safely, Traffic Signs are a top priority. They make us stop, warn, and guide us in the everyday hustle-bustle. Half of the human population would be confused and lost without the traffic signs. However, traffic signs have been around for centuries, but they became increasingly popular after the 1930s. That was the period when automobiles were growing at an impressive pace. And now, it is 2022, and they are still popular and serve of extreme importance. Whether making a commercial area or a residential area, you need traffic mailbox signs to better your community. All mailbox provide instructions to the people, and there are various types of traffic signs. So, if you are wondering what would be suitable for your community, here is the answer. In this blog, you will discover the types of traffic signs and what purpose they serve. 

Essential Traffic Signs For The Community 

The purpose of traffic signs is to help people to remember and follow the rules and regulations, which avoids accidents and confusion. Based on this, there are three types of traffic message signs.

  • Regulatory signs 
  • Warning signs 
  • Guide signs 

Let’s understand these traffic signs in detail. 

Regulatory Signs 

Regulatory traffic signs tell us what we can do and cannot do in agreement with the law. If you do not obey the regulatory signs, you are liable to pay fines. The regulations written on these signs advise us about speed limits, traffic directions, parking restrictions, etc. Following are some examples of the Regulatory Traffic mailbox signs.  

  • Stop signs 
  • Yield signs 
  • Railroad crossing
  • Do not enter 
  • Wrong-way
  • One way signs
  • Divided highway
  • No trucks 
  • Bicycles prohibited
  • No pedestrian 
  • Crossing prohibited
  • No U-turn 
  • left turn not allowed
  • No right turn 
  • Do not pass
  • Center lane left turn only 
  • Turn to left or right 
  • Straight or turn right 
  • Right only
  • Left only
  • Keep right 
  • Right turn signal 
  • Speed limit
  • No turn on red 
  • Left turn yield on flashing arrow 
  • Left turn yield on green 
  • Opposite traffic has extended 
  • Reserved parking 

Remember that all traffic message signs have their importance, and you cannot ignore them. 

Traffic Signs

Warning Signs

Warning signs inform us about the condition on or near the road ahead. They warn us about the possible hazards and changes on the roads. Therefore, they are installed just before the mishap happens so you can make a wise decision. Here are some instances of warning mailbox signs. 

  • No passing zone 
  • Chevron signs 
  • Left curve 
  • Sharp right turn
  • Sharp left turn                                                               
  • Right curve, left curve 
  • Set of curves 
  • Right and left sharp turns
  • Road entering curve 
  • One-direction large arrow
  • Winding road 
  • Truck rollover
  • Advisory speed signs
  • Added lane 
  • Merging traffic 
  • Weave area
  • Divided highway begins
  • Divided highway ends
  • Two-way traffic ahead 
  • lane ends 
  • Intersection signs 
  • Two directions large arrow
  • Narrow bridge or underpass ahead 
  • Deer crossing 
  • Low clearance 
  • Slippery when wet 
  • Shoulder signs
  • Traffic signal ahead 
  • Stop sign ahead 
  • Hill downgrade 
  • Railroad crossing ahead  
  • Bicycle crossing ahead 
  • bicycle/motor vehicles share the road 
  • Advanced intersection/railroad crossing 
  • Pedestrian crossing
  • horse-drawn vehicle 
  • School ahead
  • Work zone- turn on headlights 
  • Roadwork ahead 
  • Lane closed ahead
  • Workers ahead 
  • Flagger head 
  • Construction traffic signs 
  • Road construction ahead 
  • road closed flooding 

Usually, warning traffic signs are yellow, and the text is deep black so that you can see them from far. 

Traffic Signs

Guide Signs 

Guide signs provide us with crucial information about intersecting roads and help us directly to go through the city or towns. Also, they help us find hospitals, restaurants, and service stations. 

  • Highway expressway guide signs 
  • Mile markers 
  • Interstate numbering system 
  • Exit numbers 
  • Route markers 

Guide signs are big rectangular signs, usually in green color, and the text on them is white for visibility. 

These were some necessary traffic signs for the people of the community. Let’s know how to install the ideal signs for the community. 

Vintage traffic signs were composed of heather colors with contrasting text on them. Furthermore, they had unique strolls and brackets to add an aesthetic touch. Vintage mailbox signs ensure security and enhance the beauty of your community. Furthermore, it increases the property value and creates uniformity in the neighborhood. You can even install lights in the same way. If you wish to install such aesthetic vintage traffic signs, then contact Mailbox And Sign solutions. 

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Choosing The Right Traffic Signs 

Traffic message signs are essential as they send out crucial messages to the people passing by. Therefore, you must never ignore traffic signs’ design, formation, and material. Here’s how you can take care of all the necessary details. 

The Pole Of The Traffic Sign

Most mailbox signs are mounted on a pole. So, it would be best to consider the shape of the pole while selecting the mailbox signs. Some poles are mounted cylindrical and smooth, whereas some are mounted on a fluted cylindrical pole. Fluted poles are excellent as they have notches in them. The small notches and grooves keep the mailbox signs in their place and ensure safety. 

For a more stylish appeal to your signs, you can choose a pole topper for the mailbox signs. It is simply a decorative piece placed on the top of the sign. Although pole toppers do not serve any functional purpose, they are used for aesthetics. mailbox signs are affixed to the pole, after which they are installed on the pole stopper. Therefore, these are frequently used for mailbox signs in commercial and residential areas. 

The Right Material 

One crucial thing to consider is the material of the traffic . The ancient mailbox signs were made of wood and got rotten because of the exposure to water. Moreover, materials such as steel and iron alloys get rusted for the same reasons. 

Select powder-coated aluminum. It is the ideal material to get signs made. Unlike steel and other iron alloys, aluminum doesn’t rust from exposure to water. The powder coating over the aluminum prevents the material from rusting. 

The FHWA Breakaway And Non-Breakaway Policy

The US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has laid out specific rules for breakaway mailbox signs. The facility identifies breakaway traffic to break away when a moving vehicle is struck. You can install breakaway signs in your community to lower the risk of serious accidents. 

Read FHWA Breakaway and non-breakaway policy to understand the guidelines better and avoid disputes.  

Do you want to install traffic and street signs for your community? Visit the Mailbox And Sign Solutions. We will provide signages to create a uniform and aesthetic community. Upgrade the appearance of your community and ensure their safety by choosing the best sign installers. Not only that, you will find every sign on our website, including traffic, street signs, monument signs, and custom business mailbox. To know more about our work, contact us right away. 

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