6 Easy Steps To Relocate Your Mailbox While Shifting Your Home

Shifting into a new home and confused about whether you can shift your mailbox or not? Or, even if you are unhappy with your current mailbox location, you can move it easily. Firstly, you have to take notes from the guidelines of USPS to prevent any problems in the mail delivery. Here are easy steps to relocate your mailbox with other belongings.Can I change my residential mailbox? You can change your residential mailboxes without violating the USPS guidelines. Read more to know how you can do the same. 

How To Move A Residential Mailbox?

Changing the residential mailbox might be hard to approach in a few cases. It can be due to its position or location. But do you know that you should always install your mailbox away from the theft-prone area? If you have your mailbox installed at a place that is theft-prone in such a case, you can change your residential mail in 6 easy steps: 

  • Reach out to your local postman 
  • Check the weather and exposure of your mailbox
  • Check all the surroundings of the mailbox
  • Renovate your home entrance 
  • Don’t burden your mailbox with accessories
  • The last one will be revealed at the end of the blog. So, be with us till the end.

Now let’s learn about the relocation of residential mailboxes in detail. 

Reach Out To Your Local Postman

Generally, the USPS does not legislate the relocation of the residential mailbox. Rather, they allow local mail carriers to decide whatever is ideal for them geographically. Contacting your post office and getting some advice is the best idea. They are the right people to guide you about relocating your mailbox. You can even get approval to locate your mailbox. USPS mailbox guidelines are rigid. So, save yourself from the headache and contact your postman before moving into a new home. 

Now, we are moving on to the next step. 

Check Mailbox And Its Exposure To Weather

While shifting your mailbox to the homefront or other side of the road might seem convenient, the same location can cause several problems. For instance, your mailbox could get buried in winter. 

It would be best to install the residential mailbox away from the sun. A mailbox might become a miniature oven with direct sunlight, leading to cooking your mail. You might see the damage caused by heat, for example, the melting of cosmetics, crayons, wax, etc. You might not be able to figure out the damage done to pharmaceutical drugs. 

A family reported that their family doctor’s medicine is no longer effective. The pharmaceutical companies investigated the situation, and the outcome was that medicines were exposed to the heatwave. Medications have a heat tolerance, and when the heat is over the limit, they can lose efficiency. So, it is essential for a residential mailbox not to be exposed to heat. 

Get a strong standard mailbox to protect your belongings from heat and bad weather. Not sure where to get one? Here is a reliable and strong mailbox from leading manufacturers. 

The Standard 8 Door Community Mailbox 

The standard eight-door community mailbox. Also known as a cluster mailbox or CBU, it can serve eight people or families in a community. It is made from 100% coated aluminum to protect your belongings from overexposed heat and weather. 


Check The Surroundings Of The Mailbox  

Before relocating your mailbox, check the sightline of your residential mailbox. Ensure that it is visible from your house. Consequently, you can check the delivery status of your mail right from the comfort of your home. Moreover, a non-visible residential mailbox can get stolen and destroyed by bad weather. When the weather is stormy, you can look out of your window to check if the mailbox’s flag is down. If you can see the mailbox from your window, you can avoid the unnecessary hassle of checking the mailbox during bad weather. 

Renovate Your Home Entrance 

Is your mailbox old and rustic? It’s an ideal time to renovate it. Residential Mailboxes are essential as anyone who steps into your home would notice them first. So, you should renovate your entrance or home front area with an attractive mailbox and enhance your interior and reputation. If your mailbox is old and rustic, you should consider changing it. Rustic mailboxes are easy to break or cut, making them prone to robberies. You can inform the matter of the USPS too, and they will consider your request of getting a new mailbox. You can paint your residential mailbox or buy a new one. 

If you wish to buy a mailbox, here are some strong and attractive options.

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The Abigail 010-2 White 

The classic white curbside mailbox is made with solid materials and has a stylish design that makes it attractive and suitable for any home and business. The best thing is that these mailboxes are water-resistant, and double compartments safely store multiple parcels. Get this to decorate your home entrance and front yard. 

ABIGAIL-010-2-WHITE double-mailbox-post

The Abigail 021 

Are you looking for a unique color and design for your mailbox? Abigail 021 is a blueish contrast design with floral patterns, making it unique and attractive. It is made from high-tensile aluminum from top to bottom, so it is strong and not easy to break or cut. 

ABIGAIL-021-Single-Mailbox | Custom Mailboxes-For-Sale

Don’t Burden Your Mailbox With Accessories.  

You must be wondering,” Can I relocate my residential mailbox if my mail is stolen?” If you have been a victim of mail theft, you can protect it by not burdening it with accessories. Some people react to the thefts by over-engineering replacing mailbox posts with residential posts. Burdening the residential mailbox might be common for homeowners who have their posts knotted by snowplows and thieves. 

Are you worried someone might steal your mail and packages? Here is a guide on protecting your belongings- Mailbox And Theft Prevention

By considering the steps mentioned above, you can ensure to relocate your residential mailbox without even breaking the guidelines of USPS. The location of your new house would be legal and ideal for long-term service. 

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