Worried That Someone Will Steal Your Mail? Best Guide To Protect Your Belongings

Mail theft or packaged theft is increasing day by day. USPS reports that one in three US adults had their mails or packages stolen at least once. What should we do in these cases, and how should we prevent our packages from being stolen? Let’s assume that your mail or package gets stolen. You should first ask someone if they have mistakenly received your parcel in your neighborhood. If not, continue to inquire about the same and be aware of any suspenseful activity. Once you have enquired to your neighbors, you can submit a missing mail search request in the USPS department. If you used any specific service, you could ask for a  refund. You can even claim insurance if your package includes insurance. If USPS finds your mail after submitting the request, they will deliver it safely to you. In case of increased theft activities, you can even reach out to cops and report these thefts. The cops will look into the matter and find a solution to the problem. Now let’s look at some ways of mailbox theft prevention.

Ways For Protection Against Theft 

You have to make some necessary changes around your surroundings to prevent mail thefts, for instance, entrance and near the mailboxes. Read more about how you can add these changes easily. 

  • Purchase a secured mailbox
  • Install a package locker
  • Get PO boxes
  • Camera on entrance
  • Street lights to eliminate darkness  
  • Address plaques and signs  
  • Pick up your mail regularly. 

Purchase A Secured Mailbox

Thieves look for essential letters, security pins, cards, gift vouchers, and bills in your mails. For optimum protection of mailboxes, buy a high-quality theft proof mailbox with locks and concealed compartments. 

  • The mailboxes that have red flags are different from a lockable mailbox. Although a red flag mailbox gives an impression that it contains crucial mails, it is more likely to become the target of stealing. 
  • The lockable mailbox has a lock that requires a key, and only you have access to it. The mail is delivered into the interior of the mailbox, and not even the mailman can open it. Even the outgoing mail compartments should be adequately concealed.
  • Potential thieves know how to open a mailbox. It is essential to buy a secure and robust mailbox. Find a mailbox with heavy quality material and welded steel. It should be tough enough to avoid damage from sheer force and sharp tools.
  • Purchase a mailbox with lock, a digital one. These days mailboxes come with digital locks with unique pins and voice passwords that are difficult to crack. Don’t aim for a giant mailbox. Big mailboxes give the impression that you might have essential things in the mail. Rather have one secured mailbox with a robust locking device. Pick a convenient size according to your needs, and make sure to have a safe and secure interior. 

Install A Package Locker

Package locker is a smart investment with special compartments to receive your package. The courier will drop off your package by entering a key or password depending upon the lock and lock it again. You can retrieve your parcel by entering the key in the same way. To buy a good and robust quality mailbox or install a package locker visit our site. We have great options of CBU boxes, standard curbside mailboxes, etc.  

Get PO Boxes

PO boxes are available almost all over America. You can rent P.O. boxes and be given access to a unique locker respective to the USPS department. So, while ordering the package, you have to write your P.O. box number, and it will be delivered to you. In comparison, this step is not that much convenient for a busy person. Take a look at other ways. 

Camera On Entrance 

If package or mail theft has become a familiar scene in your area, you should consider installing a camera near your mailbox. The video camera would capture all the movements of your front door, and you will be able to check if your packages or mail are being delivered right to you. In addition to this feature, know that a thief would always avoid a home with Cameras. 

Street Light For Darkness  

Mostly crimes and burglaries occur in the dark, so if your house is surrounded by darkness, it is apparent that it might become a favorite spot for thieves. Install a street or outdoor light near your entrance or wherever mailboxes are installed to prevent robberies. You would be able to check up on your mailboxes, and thieves would avoid targeting your home. 

Address Plaques And Signs 

You should install a clear address plaque on your entrance to avoid confusion. If you have an office, you can even consider installing the street signs or any custom signs. Installing address plaques and signs will help clear out confusion and have a powerful impact on potential thieves and thus prevent any thefts.   

Pick Up Your Mail Regularly 

It is essential to regularly pick up your mails packages and check-up to avoid any thefts. When mail gets collected in the mailbox, it increases the possibility of a robbery. That is why it is best to check every day.  

Choose Us To Install Mailboxes And Signs 

If you are looking for someone to install mailboxes and signs, you can undoubtedly contact us. We are a leading manufacturer of the best quality and tough mailboxes, address plaques, and street signs. We deal in the high security mailbox with locks and concealed compartments. Our mailboxes are super tough, made with the finest quality material and welding, which are difficult to break in and thus will prevent you from robberies of your mails and parcels. Mailbox And Sign Solutions can be the option best to install custom signs and design address plaques and street signs. All of our CBU mailboxes are USPS-approved. We are extra careful while installing mailboxes. We also provide repair, replacement, and refurbishment services, and in addition to this, we also do monument entrances and custom signs. 

Trust us with your mailbox services, and you will not regret it later. For any safety-related queries on mailboxes and signs, reach out to us on our Mailbox and Sign Solutions site.

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