Custom Metal Street Signs: A Guide To Choosing & Installing Them

When you think about installing signs in your area, you probably observe other signs. You will notice that various signs have been made from plastic and wood. However, metal signs are much stronger and more durable to withstand bad outdoor conditions. Not only that, Custom Metal Street Signs offer more benefits than signs made of other materials. We have curated the ultimate guide to help you make the best decision and installation process easier. So here you will learn why you should choose the custom metal signs and how to select them.

Why Choose The Custom Metal Street Signs?

Undoubtedly, metal custom signs have better tensile strength and offer more durability than any other material. Moreover, they can withstand all bad conditions easily and more effectively than plastic and wood signs. Here are some reasons why you should choose to purchase and install a metal street sign: 

Higher Durability 

We know that metal signs last longer due to the sturdy material, which can withstand harsh weather conditions. However, certain metals are prone to rust when exposed to moisture, but this is not the case with aluminum. Outdoor metal signs are typically built in the shape of a sandwich, with two exterior aluminum layers and a thick plastic core in the middle.

Because aluminum is lightweight and easy to transport and cut into any shape, it is frequently used for outdoor signage. That’s one of the reasons it’s such a popular option for personalized signs. Aluminum signs with a coating are also fade-resistant and simple to mount. It’s not difficult to drill holes in aluminum for mounting purposes.

Additionally, one of the main reasons cities utilize aluminum for street signs is because they don’t need to be replaced as frequently. Most outdoor signs fade over time due to UV-ray exposure. However, aluminum signs have a longer lifespan due to the protective coating.

Easy Designing

Designing and printing are one of the most crucial things when making custom street signs. A good sign has clear instructions written in bold font. If there is distortion on the sign, it can be problematic for the citizen. 

Another benefit of metal is that it is suitable for printing and can be printed on both sides. Sign makers commonly use UV ink to extend the life of the sign. Metal signs are important for traffic signs, stores, and building exteriors, while other materials have their place in interior and outdoor situations.

Aluminum is still a wonderful option if your sign requires screen printing. It’s a great choice for custom printing, especially if you want to add colorful vinyl lettering or other embellishments. Dyes included in the coating not only survive for years on aluminum but can also give the surface a gleaming aspect. Various dark and light aluminum colors benefit from signs, machine components, jewelry, and other metal applications.

Now that we know what material to select for the custom signs, let’s discuss what to consider before installing them. 

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Factors To Consider While Installing Custom Metal Signs

You may install custom metal signs for business or instruct the people passing by. Custom-cut metal signs are a cost-effective and efficient way to promote your company to passers-by. Metal signs, when built properly, may survive for decades with no upkeep, making them one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your brand.

And businesses have a lot of alternatives when it comes to custom-cut metal signs, both in terms of what types of signs may be utilized and where to get them. In this article, we’ll give you some pointers on how to get the most bang for your buck regarding signs.

Get Approval From The HOA Community 

We all love personalized street signs and custom signs in our community. While it is unusual, there are instances where new signage is restricted by local zoning rules or the HOA community. Always double-check municipal sign requirements and your own property rules to ensure that your signs won’t run afoul of the law. You don’t want to order a new custom-cut metal sign, pay for it, and then find out you can’t put it up because you’re not allowed to. Also, metal signs are solid; uninstalling them would cost you several bucks. It’s good to cross-check and get permission. 

Know The Basics Of Designing

There are three types of metal signs design. 

Dimensional Metal Signs: These signs, also known as 3D signs, are often multi-piece affairs cut from aluminum and assembled in two or more stacked layers on a shop floor (before installation). They often necessitate the services of a professional installer, but they have a way of standing out that a simple flat sign can’t, especially when powder coated in various colors.

Font Of The Metal Signs: Almost all custom-cut letters are mounted straight on walls. They are also called 3D and, like previously mentioned dimensional signs, can be powder coated in a range of eye-catching hues. Aside from aluminum, high-density foam, acrylic, and stainless steel are the most commonly utilized materials.

Flat Signs: Although steel and plastics are occasionally utilized, these signs are usually always carved from aluminum. Custom-cut flat signs are a wonderful alternative for simple words, such as “Welcome,” or where weight and affordability are deciding considerations. 

Vintage Street Signs: If you wish to enhance the aesthetics of your community, consider installing vintage street signs. At the same time, today’s street metal signs are bright and simple. Vintage signs used to be in selective neutral colors. Also, the font was mostly the Classic, Times New Roman, Highway Gothic, Luxembourg, etc. You can also follow the same techniques and get scrolls and brackets attached to them.  

The Final Words  

The bottom line is the best material for the custom signs is aluminum. Aluminum metal signs are durable and rock-solid to withstand all weather conditions. Powder coating is one of the most popular finish options for custom-cut metal signs because of its protection. A reflective coating is also popular since it improves your sign’s visibility at night, even from afar. Also, a wide range of colors and styles are available for printing. You must analyze and dig deep into searching for what would look best in your community. Keep your preferences on the top while intersecting the designer. Similarly, brushed aluminum is popular because it has an exquisite appearance and is reasonably priced. Finally, enamel spray paint is ideal for metal signs that will not be exposed to harsh weather or direct sunlight and only require one color. 

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