Things to Consider While Selecting An Address Plaque for Your Home

Did you recently shift to a new home? Or intending to move to additional space, you need a house address plaque for sure. Beyond the aesthetic urge of which outline to select (and several designs and shapes to pick from), there are functional aspects of choosing a perfect address plaque that needs to be contemplated. 

Below, we are enlisting features you need to consider while purchasing an Address plaque for your new modern home. 

Address Plaque Size

The first wise decision is to analyze the size of the address plaque that you will need.  The smaller size is typically cost-effective, but you never want to go with a tinier and end up purchasing a plaque that is tough to read from the road or tough to spot.  It’s also necessary to not make a mistake on the side of going too big and end up purchasing an address plaque that is overwhelmingly big after it’s permanently affixed to your new home. The same goes for the mailbox address plaque too.

Mini (aka Small)

This mini address plaque for house is generally less than 12″ wide and can be as tiny as 4 – 6″ across. For that reason, they can be an ideal choice for hanging in small entryways and spaces, such as a Row House, Townhouse, Apartment, or office.   Most small address plaques are made to include a fixed number of characters, so they are perfect for a room or building number merely.


Standard home address plaque sizes are best for most moderate-sized American homes.  They are large enough to be effortlessly visible from the road without looking proportionately at the space itself. Standard size is the most typical size, as it suits the requirements of most American homes.


Bigger homes simply need a more significant address plaque, so the Estate category plaque fits those. These sizes are also helpful for residents with a longer-than-average pavement, as the distance is substantial in sign visibility.

How Big Should My Address Plaque Be?

A quick rule of thumb you need to follow (although, rules are meant to be broken):

  • House Less Than 50 ft or under 3,000 sq ft from the Curb = Standard size address plaque
  • No Driveway = mini address plaque
  • House More than 50 ft or Over 3,000 sq ft from the Curb = Lawn or Estate address plaque, or fix in standard address plaque in an alternate area such as at the end of your pavement

Where Can I Install the Address Plaque?

Many address plaques are installed on the front wall of the space to be more visible from the main street. To select the right place, consider this trick, stand at the corner of your front lawn and watch for a place that traffic can effortlessly spot on both sides, and trees or other hindrances should not block it. General installation includes above the garage door or above or beside the front door.

Wall mount address plaques can effortlessly be placed on the house itself and generally include the hardware needed to do so.

Wall Plaques

Many people select a wall plaque because of its effortless visibility and installation. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about making efforts to landscape or mow around the wall metal address plaque when it is properly fixed onto your apartment or building wall. Most address plaques come with thorough guidelines and installing hardware. However, you must be ready to mount a wall mount address plaque to any stone or brick exterior.

Wall address plaques can also be placed on alternative spaces nearer to the road if your new house is over 50 ft from the pavement.

Lawn Plaques 

Lawn address plaques are also termed Yard Plaques. These address plaques for mailbox make a declaration on their own. Plus, little more work to manage and maintain around these plaques. They are pretty appealing when appropriately placed.  Yard or lawn address plaques are also more helpful when you have a more-than-average driveway (for instance, your house is more than 50′ long from the street) and require something that can effortlessly be visible and spotted from the road. However, based on your municipality, your yard or lawn plaque may have to be increased above the standard 18″ lawn sizes that come with a most decent yard or lawn address plaques, particularly in sites that come into direct exposure to heavy snow.


Although not closely as typical, hanging address plaque includes a particular aesthetic appeal that cannot be matched because of the unique style of address plaque installation.  Hanging address plaque also renders some additional benefit (generally) of being two-faceted so that your address can be visible from both sides.

What Amount of Details Should Your Address Plaque Include?

The amount of details you want to include entirely relies on the size of the plaque and what you are willing to share. The most common address plaque categories include:

  • House number address plaque
  • Family name
  • Street name

Remember that you need to include the house number to be convenient to spot and read from the street, so be careful about crowding your vertical address plaque with redundant information.

Most big-sized address plaques have the choice to add up to 3 lines of text. However, with each line of text included, the font size of the remaining text needs to be reduced to make space. 

1 Line: Ideal for only the house number. Effortless, easy to read, clean, this is the most functional and most typical application.

2 Line: Ideal for use with the street number and name. Although this comes with a more appealing overall appearance, keep in mind that this typically makes the number compact, so if your address plaque is mounted at a fair distance from the road, you might choose to stick with a 1 line category or go with the larger size of the address plaque.

3 Line: 3rd Line option is a typical minor application. These are generally used to print the street name, house number, & the family’s surname. Although sometimes 3rd line category address plaques can be utilized for lengthy street names that need more than your average character quantity. 

Address Plaque 911 Standards

The last consideration is to ensure that whatever address plaque you picked meets the minimal 911 standards for easy visibility. This category slightly depend on location, but this is a relatively typical instance of these standards:

  • All preliminary designs shall include a house number sign comprising the address allotted by the County for the 911 emergency call order.
  • Every house number signs arrows need to be at least four (4) inches and a maximum up to nine (9) inches in height, and the text shall be at least three (3) inches above, in a reflective substance in contrast to the background color.
  • Blockages (including snow) shall be cleaned up to allow the plaque sign to appear for a distance of fifty (50) feet or above from the sign in both directions.
  • House number signs need to be placed flat on the wall of the primary shape facing the addressed street or less than fifty (50) feet from the corner of the street shoulder, whichever is nearer to the road, and the sign is simply visible from the targeted street.
  • The bottom side of the address plaque shall be at least one foot apart from the ground to be conveniently noticeable from the road.

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