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Street signs are vital as they convey a message regarding the street and provide everyone with the correct information. It is a sign on the side of the street bearing words or symbols used to identify the name of a specific street.

When these get damaged, vandalized, or become inoperable, there is a need to change the signage. Sometimes, a change in an area or the street requires modification of the signboards. These signs get damaged for many reasons- someone hit the signboard with a vehicle, it got rotten, damaged by rain, extensive heat, or other natural causes.      

Thus, you must know the street sign installation process to install a new one. This write-up provides a complete guide if you are unaware of the same. In addition, you will also get the idea of where to buy the signboard of the best quality. 

How to Install A Sign In The Street- A Complete Guide

You must follow the proper steps to install the sign in the street. The guide below will let you know the steps involved in the street sign installation. 

Decide A Proper Location For A Signboard

A sign in the street must be placed where it is quickly visible to the people. Most of the time, it is kept on the right-hand side of the road. It is set in a proper place several feet away from the road and far enough ahead so that people have time to think and respond to that specific sign. Before performing the installation, you must ensure there is no cable or lines underground that can get damaged during the process. It is also vital to confirm that you have the correct sign according to the street where you are installing it. 

Check the Surface And Decide Pole Type

The other thing that you must take care of is safety. When you install the sign, the surface is probably the soil or the concrete. Choosing the right pole quality is necessary as the surface may damage the pole. It would be best to select a rod made of high-quality material. For example, a steel u-post is a base-bending metal pole that lasts for years and is economical. 

Measure The Pole Before Installing It

The third essential point while installing a street sign is to measure the pole. A pole must sit 1.5 to 3 feet below the surface when installing it. Measuring the pole help give a better idea about its depth. In addition, a street sign must be 5′ from the surface in rural areas and 7′ off the ground in urban, business, and residential areas. Keeping the correct pole length below or above the ground is crucial to ensure its proper standing. 

Drill a Hole In the Signboard

Some signs come with holes, whereas some are not. Before drilling, deciding where to drill a hole on the street sign is essential. If it is not pre-drilled, it is necessary to drill a hole at the button and the top of the signboard. It helps the installer attach it to the post. Also, you must determine the height of the signboard to drill the hole at the correct position. It is required to affix the signboard to the pole.

Use A Proper Bolt to Fix Sign On the Pole

You have drilled the sign and aligned it to the pole; it is time to affix it using bolts. Various bolts, such as corner and head bolts, are available to connect the pole sign. These bolts are manufactured to work with specialty nuts that you can only remove with the help of a specialized wrench. Using vandal-resistant bolts gives the best protection to the sign. 

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Where to Buy the Best Signboard For Your Street?

You have the idea of street sign installation, and now you are ready to install it. But, you may be thinking about where to buy a signboard. You will not regret it when you invest in quality signs. Higher-end products usually provide great value and curb appeal. Also, the quality products last longer and do not get rotten over time. Mailbox And Sign Solutions is a famous manufacturer of signboards and mailboxes in Florida. We offer customized signboards according to the client’s needs. Visit our online store to buy the most demanding products. 

Sign Blade And Frame


Whether looking for a street sign blade, frame, or a combination of both, you can shop from Mailbox And Sign Solutions. They all are manufactured with high-quality material and available at the best price. The blade comes in a 6×30 cm size, the best fit for installation. Also, the frame comes in a black border, making it perfectly visible to the people. 

Sign With Single Board


Our custom street board includes a variety of signs, such as a yellow diamond shape backer with a pole, reserved parking for the disabled, a school zone ahead, a restricted space sign, speed limit signs, stop signs, and many more. All of these are made with engineer-grade and high-intensity reflective material that contains aluminum. It makes the signboard and the pole strong and prevents them from harsh climates. You can buy any custom signboards of any shape and size at affordable pricing. 

Double Street Logo Sign


You can also buy our best-selling double-direction board consisting of two blades and a pole. It is helpful to direct two locations on a single pole. We also have a double-blade board with a W-logo of good quality. This three-board space perfectly serves your whole purpose on a single rod. All these multiple signboards are manufactured with aluminum bodies, making them highly strong and worth your money. 

You can find a variety of signboards and many other products we offer at our online store at the best price. We also provide many other signboards, including post backer, keep right w-amber deliniat, arrow-printed plaque, do not enter board, etc. Visit our website to learn more about the same. 

Why Look For the Street Sign Installation Services?

While installing signage, you must have proper knowledge of rules and regulations. For example, according to ADA regulations, handicap parking must be available in a parking lot. Handicap signage indicates parking spots for disabled people. Similarly, all roads must have a signboard indicating the speed limit according to Federal Highway Administration (FHA). 

FHA rules and regulations also mandate that all signboards be placed at a specific height and distance from the road. Complete knowledge of FHA regulations is a must to avoid getting costly fines. 

You may not have the proper knowledge of the same. So, it would be best to hire an expert for street sign installation. An expert can help successfully install the signage, keeping in mind the complete rules ordered by authorization like FHA, ADA, etc. 

Why Choose Mailbox And Sign Solutions For Signage Installation?

Mailbox & Sign Solutions is a reliable company to provide professional street sign installation services. Our service includes the installation of various custom street signs, such as crosswalks, school zone, stop signs, ped crossings, etc. Our experts install your signage safely and within the given period. We even provide a new signboard at a minimal cost or replace the existing sign. Also, we always ensure to provide quality service and never disappoint our clients. 


Street sign installation is essential when indicating a proper location, where to stop, speed limit, etc. A street without signage may create confusion and chaos. There is also the risk of accidents because of the absence of signage. However, while installing signage, one must also keep in mind the regulations mentioned by the FHA and authoritative bodies.

Experts help install the signboard properly, following all the correct procedures. They can help determine the right location and other things, including where to install the signboard, what type of pole you must use, what the height of the pole should be, etc. 

If you want to buy quality and reasonably-priced signboards and bolts, Mailbox & Sign Solutions is a reliable company. Add any signboard as per your requirement into the cart and shop for the best deal. Our highly demanding products will indeed serve your purpose. Also, buying our products adds to the perks of repairing and street sign installation services. To know more,
call us at 407-366-6565 (Office). 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While installing a signboard, it is crucial to yourself. You must take some possible safety measures while installing a signboard. Always wear a protective vest and apparel. In addition, put work-in-progress warning signs to ensure the safety of the workers. 

While placing a sign, ensure it meets all the regulations. You must decide the sign’s location and select the right signpost for your street. Also, use the best quality sign board and heavy-duty mounting hardware to secure the signboard to the pole. 

Usually, 5/16″ x 1-½ size sign bolts are considered perfect for mounting any signboard. It can mount a sign with ⅜ inches holes on the U-channel post and square post. You can use 2″ bolts for 1.12 lbs/ft u-channel posts and 2-½ inches for 2 lbs/ft. The bolts made from zinc are usually economical. 

The signs are commonly made of stainless steel or aluminum. You may also find signboards made of other materials. The metal sign boards provide durability, last longer, and can resist harsh weather. The signboards are mostly made with aluminum, and brackets and screws are generally steel.

While installing a signboard, you must decide on a proper location for the sign and the pole type. You must also measure the pole to know how much to place it inside the surface. You must also determine the correct location to drill on the pole if they are not pre-drill. At last, ensure to use a solid bolt to fix the sign properly with a rod. 

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