Tips On Mailbox Decoration For Halloween, Christmas, And Every Fun Festival

Our modern mailbox is an underrated hero and deserves some love. And there is no one way to decorate your mailboxes. So, we buy different things for Halloween, Christmas, and other festivals. Buying different products every time will only lead to the wastage of money and resources. However, there are smart ways for mailbox decoration that we will discuss in this blog. So, enjoy the mailbox decoration for this festive year by being smart and making everyone jealous of your ideas and creativity. Read the following steps carefully to create a pretty decorative mailbox. 

Step 1: Build The Base 

You can use the following tips for mailbox decoration. You can also use these tips for all Americas mailbox. For this step, you would need a cube of styrofoam. Yes, florists need to arrange flowers in pretty shapes. It would be best to have the styrofoam a 4.8″ ×4.8″ ×4.8″ square piece. 

Secondly, cut out the corners of the square styrofoam and keep it aside. You can cut out the shape you want. If you have followed our guide, you will be left with either a “V” shape or an “L” shape. You can use a styrofoam cutter, scissors, or knife for this activity. Knives would be the easiest and most convenient option, readily available in your home. 

Now, use this technique to place wires through the styrofoam. Push the piece of stiff floral wire through the styrofoam in different spots about an inch further from each other. Use a paper-wrapped wire of the “W” shape to keep the wire in a pulling motion of the styrofoam. The wire will cut into the styrofoam without it. 

You will do the same to both sides of the styrofoam. The long pieces of the wire should fall beneath the upside-down “V “or “L “shape. Ensure to use the same method for the underside of the wires. Do not cut the foam from the bottom. 

Take the styrofoam out and check whether it fits in your Mailbox. You will use the extended wires to secure the styrofoam beneath the Mailbox. The wires will hold the styrofoam on the Mailbox. 

Step 2: Decorate The Mailbox 

We know there’s no festival lined up recently to show your creativity. So we have compiled ideas for different fun festivals and seasons to sparkle your curbside. If you have curbside mailbox designs mounted on a concrete base that you cannot take out, use a plastic box or container as a stand. Keep the styrofoam on it and start decorating. 

Oh! We haven’t told you what materials you would need for decoration. But first, an essential step. Cover the extended wires of the styrofoam with a ribbon or decorated wire. The ribbon is just for decoration of the Mailbox. Don’t worry. It will not be an issue while decorating. 

Mailbox Decoration For Autumn

Now, what’s the occasion? Let’s suppose it’s Autumn. For a mailbox autumn decoration, pick up false leaves, maple leaves, twigs, curly climbers, sunflowers, pumpkins, berries, etc. You can use anything and everything that resembles the Fall season. You will find almost everything in the local store. Push the stiff part of the leaves and decorative items into the styrofoam by creating a design. 

Continue to design your mailbox decoration by adding fall leaves creatively into the styrofoam. Ensure that you do not turn the piece to the other side. The decoration will be viewed from all sides, creating holes in the decorative arrangement. Also, keep in mind the colors for Autumn are red, orange, yellow, and brown.

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Mailbox Decoration For Spring

Keep the color combination in mind. Do not decorate the black Mailbox with dark colors like blue, gray, or black. 

Keep decorating the mailboxes similarly to all the things. Just change a few things in the arrangement. Think about what resembles the spring season. That could be anything, such as flowers, fruits, butterflies, or hummingbirds. You need just these things. You will find most of them in your kids, or siblings’ playtime toys. Remember, the colors for the spring season are green, yellow, pink, blue, and most likely, all the colors. Spring is colorful and pleasant. Also, you can use a cute message along with the decorations. 

mailbox decoration

Mailbox Decoration For Christmas

It’s time for your favorite season; this Christmas, buy some extra garlands, lights, and ornaments. We all know Christmas is a jolly season of reds, greens, whites, and golden colors. Bring all the jingle bells, ornaments, holly cherry, garlands, Santa stockings, ribbons, etc. You don’t need to use the “V” or the “L” shape to decorate the styrofoam. You can cut the styrofoam so that it curls and surrounds the Mailbox from top to bottom. Use the Christmas colors, lights, and bright ornaments for Christmas mailbox decoration. 

Decorate the black Mailbox with lights, glitters, sparkles, ornaments, etc. 

Hang the Christmas ropes, wreaths, ribbons, garlands, lights, and ornaments if you do not want to use the styrofoam for Christmas mailbox decoration. Make it look as elegant as you can. 

mailbox decoration

Mailbox Decoration For Halloween

Frontgate mailbox is the first thing people notice when they enter our home during festivals. So it would be best if you do not neglect it. 

You might need some creepy and eerie things for Halloween mailbox decoration like always. We always have old Halloween decoration materials in our homes. From old skeletons, carved pumpkins, lights, fake bats or spiders, or whatever you can find from your old Halloween stuff. Start stuffing the styrofoam with the things and be creative. 

If you do not wish to use styrofoam, hang the skeleton, spider’s web, and fake hands around your Mailbox and give it the best scary look possible.   

Step 3: The Final Step 

You can even make Mailbox for packages, and community mailboxes look prettier if you are creative. Be smart and open to experimentation. With this, we present you with the final step. 

Take your masterpiece outside and tie it to your Mailbox. Now you must be wondering how you can ensure the safety of the creativity of what has been done—don’t worry. We have your back. We made you use wires which are durable enough to withstand the pressure of winds and raindrops. Although it hardly rains during this time of the year. Use the wires and twist them together tightly under your Mailbox. After this process, use the ribbon to hide the wires precisely. 

We know you will decorate your whole house, curb appeal, and home entrance but do not forget the signs, scrolls, and brackets for decoration. 

Your smart mailbox decoration is done here. You have just used styrofoam, wires, ribbons, and basic decorative materials. Be creative, remember that less is more, and do not stuff all the materials and make it look cringy. Also, do not forget to leave the mailbox door vacant for putting in mails and essential belongings. Enjoy having the most elegant mailboxes at every festival. We hope all the materials fit into your budget. 

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