DIY Mailbox Post Hacks To Create A Super Strong Foundation

It is crucial to select a solid material for the mailbox post; otherwise, it can lead to problems in the future. We will tell you some common materials unsuitable for a mailbox post. Also, give you DIY mailbox post hacks to create a strong foundation. Wooden mailbox posts are vulnerable to rot or pests such as termites and ants. Even if you protect them with pesticides or repellents, you can still get mold and mildew. No matter how hard you try, wooden posts can get damaged by storms and snow plows.

On the other hand, iron gets rusted very easily, and a rusted iron may be useful, but one day eventually, it will disappoint you. An iron that is rusted is prone to get damaged easily.

If we talk about galvanized steel, it is no less than iron. Despite the steel coating, the material is subjected to chipping and cracking and can have similar damages.

Read more to find out the best material for DIY mailbox posts.

What’s The Best Material For DIY Mailbox Post? 

Considering all the above factors, the best mailbox post material is not wood. Also, iron and steel are not appropriate for constructing a mailbox post. So, what to do and which material to use? We recommend using high tensile strength aluminum, which is finished with a rust-resistant powder coating. Aluminum is strong and durable enough to hold weight, and the rust-resistant features will save your mailbox from getting rusted and rotted. 

Today, most people use aluminum because it will not rot or rust even if exposed to the ocean or rain. Also, it is a modern solution, and the natural shine and coating make it reliable. Let’s learn how to create a strong mailbox foundation with these easy DIY post hacks. 

Building A DIY Mailbox Post From The Scratch

Most people know digging a hole is the first step to creating a strong foundation for a mailbox post. We will equip you with all the information, but if you want more mailbox post ideas to make them look attractive, you are free to read this blog: Mailbox Brackets: The Easier Way To Enhance The Curb Appeal. Now, you can read ahead and learn more about DIY Mailbox Post hacks to create a strong foundation.

1. Examine The Area That You Will Dig

Whether planning to install a new mailbox post or replace your old one, you still need to dig a hole in the ground. You may never know that the utility lines can be just a few inches under the ground, disrupting those services and causing serious harm. 

Multiple utility lines can be present at the digging site: therefore, it is crucial to file an E-request before digging the area. Know that utility lines are marked with colorful flags and paints. You can identify the utility lines by the following: 

  • Yellow usually signifies that there could be gas, petroleum, or oil lines. 
  • The color blue signifies the line of water. 
  • Green signifies the color of sewer lines. 
  • Without further ado, let’s proceed to the second step. 

2. Select A Mailbox Post 

We have already shared all the disadvantages and advantages with you all: molded, aluminum, galvanized steel, wood, or plastic. However, we would like to inform you that most people still use wood to make their mailbox posts. But, they are made from cedar wood which Mailbox And Sign Solutions highly recommend. 

3. Dig Continuously 

To replace an existing mailbox post, make a fulcrum that pries the old mailbox. If you think installing a new mailbox post will make it easy, feel free to use a hole digger. Dig a hole carefully 24 inches into the ground and consider reading the USPS regulations. Once you have finished digging, add a few inches of gravel to let the water drain. This process will help in combating the rot.

4. Create A Solid Foundation 

Concrete will provide a solid base for the DIY Mailbox Post. However, you do not need it. If you use concrete, ensure to mix the solution as per the guidelines mentioned on the package. Now, set the mailbox post and use a level tool to ensure the mailbox post remains perfectly intact. The mailbox post must be straight and aligned properly on the concrete floor. Leave 6 inches of the top of the concrete solution unfilled. 

Check if the concrete has dried; if it has, you can add a layer of soil on top of the concrete floor. If you use this option, fill the hole depth and tamp down the soil to prevent air pockets. Voila! You have completed the mailbox post hack and laid a strong concrete foundation for your mailbox. Now, it is up to you how you want to decorate it. You can plant green grass and flowers around the mailbox post to make it look clean, green, and attractive.

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Consider A Professional

We are sure you will rock the DIY Mailbox Post hack. But, as professionals, we want to tell you that it is always smart to call the experts for repairs and renovations. You may take time to manage basic repairs independently, and you can efficiently follow the DIY steps. But, there are many differences between a beginner’s and a professional’s work.

If you want your mailbox to stand out and stay on your curb or garden for longer, you need expert services. Let them do the hassle while you sit on your couch and relax. They would know USPS guidelines that would only make your work easier in the future; moreover, they know well about utility lines. Not to mention that they know which tools and materials to use, and they do their task quickly without creating a lot of mess.


Therefore, we would love it if you consider us fixing your mailbox posts and mailbox flaps. We are professional mailbox experts who repair, replace, and renovate mailboxes. That is why we perform all the given tasks in a snap without creating a mess for you. Also, we listen to our client’s concerns and allow them to choose the material, placement, and design for everything.

Please don’t spend your Sunday evenings performing DIY hacks; rely on us and contact us for mailbox and sign repairing. Moreover, we have an online store full of elegant mailboxes, signs, address plaques, and repair parts, so shop from us whenever you want.

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