Install A Great Wall Mount Mailbox To Get USPS Approval Instantly

Have you ever thought of installing wall mount mailboxes? Of course, you have. After all, a Wall mount mailbox is the most convenient and reliable mailbox. The wall mount mailbox is small in size, and as the name suggests, we can mount them to the wall. And installing them is a bit different from the usual mailboxes. Also, there are different guidelines for their installation. So if one needs to install a wall mount mailbox, they need to read this blog to get the work perfectly done. This blog will cover three major things: 

  • Choosing the ideal location for you and your mailman
  • Confirming the mailbox placement with the local Postmaster
  • Using the ideal mounting hardware for mailbox 

Choosing Location For Wall Mount Mailbox

Location is the most crucial factor while installing a mailbox. You need to choose a location that is easily accessible to you. Also, the location has to be close enough for the mailman to deliver mail easily. We recommend the following tips to choose the location precisely. 

  • Ensure that the wall mount mailbox is visible from the road. 
  • Install the mailbox either on the home’s entrance, front yard, or a few steps away on the street. 
  • Write the home address number on the mailbox or near the wall mount mailbox. 
  • Ensure that the wall mount mailbox is visible from your door or window.

We install our new wall mount mailboxes at the previous place in most cases. Also, consider the viewing angle of the mailbox from inside of your home. Ultimately, you will be able to see if you are receiving the mail correctly or not. According to the homeowners, they feel more secure and less annoyed when they don’t have to go out to receive the mail.   

How To Get Approval From the USPS 

USPS says that you need to get permission from the local Postmaster or the USPS itself to install a wall mount mailbox. Typically, Wall mount mailboxes are installed on the exterior of the home and building, which makes it easy for the mailman to deliver posts. USPS strives to ensure that you receive your mail super fast and safely. Sometimes a wall mount mailbox can create difficulties in delivery. Rather than driving by the curb and dropping the post, the mailman will stop and walk to the mailbox.

If you wish to install modern wall mount mailboxes to enhance your curb, know that USPS doesn’t lay any specifications for them, but they have several rules for the curbside mailboxes. So you can install a wall mount mailbox freely, but for that, you need to follow the criteria mentioned below. 

You can talk to the local Postmaster or contact USPS from their official website to get approval. Permission is taken to increase the efficiency of the delivery system. USPS will decline to deliver posts to the wall mount mailboxes in most neighborhoods and residential communities. If a neighborhood or residential area has a wall mount mailbox that doesn’t require the mailman to walk on foot, the USPS may allow the wall mount mailbox. Make sure your mailbox is not too far from the driveway. 

Moreover, the height of the mailbox has to be convenient for the mailman and those who are receiving mail. We recommend you verify the height, distance, and placement of the wall mount mailbox by the local Postmaster. 

Additionally, if you follow all the protocols and follow the guidelines of the USPS, you won’t have to face any problems in wall mount mailbox installation.

Use The Right Mailbox Hardware

You must mount your home’s mailbox with the right attachment hardware, whether you install them on the vinyl side or a brick wall. According to the leading manufacturers and installers of the mailbox, this ensures the safety of the mailboxes. Furthermore, mailbox theft has been increasing rapidly in recent years. Consider installing locking wall mount mailboxes to prevent thefts and breaking of the mailboxes. Get mailboxes made of high tensile steel and powder coated to withstand bad weather. 

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Bonus Tip: How To Select A Wall Mount Mailbox 

While buying a home wall mount mailbox, many homeowners are confused by the manufacturers’ choices. But choosing the ideal choice among the variety of residential wall mount mailboxes is not a tricky task if one follows the crucial steps:

  1. Wall Mount Mailbox Features
  2. Mailbox Style And Finish

Wall Mount Mailbox Features 

While determining the ideal mailbox in hundreds of decorative wall mount mailboxes, you need to consider the features you want. Think about what would work best for you and what features you want in a wall mount mailbox. Take a clue from the following ideas. 

  • Mailbox paper holder 
  • Mail arrival window, which lets you see the mail without opening the mailbox
  • Wall mount mailbox with a lock
  • Mailbox signal flag ( for checking whether the mailman picks the outgoing mail or not)
  • Mailbox capacity ( regular size mailbox for smaller or lesser mails, bigger mailboxes with maximum letters holding capacity)

Mailbox Style And Finish 

This step determines your desire to select a wall mount mailbox. Ensure to consider the architectural style and finish for your home. Also, think about what wall mount mailbox will suit your home’s character and design. First, check the macro-level view of your home, its style, and the building materials. Keep your home’s building materials in mind; brick, wood slats, stucco, and vinyl siding. Then think about the style of your home; Art Deco style, Arts & Crafts, or Neoclassical modern. 

After that, imagine the big picture of the wall mount mailbox. Check the micro-level view of your porch or patio area where you wish to install the wall mount mailbox. Do not forget to match the mailbox’s color, style, and structure.

Some homeowners, artists, and mailbox specialists also use a digital camera or camera phone to check the micro and macro view of the home. As a result, visuals help to select the best wall mount mailbox.


A wall mount mailbox is the most convenient mailbox, but you must install it at a suitable height and a distance from the curb to make it efficient. Also, you need to get the approval of the USPS for installation. To do so, you need to contact the local Postmaster or USPS themselves for the same. Use the right mailbox hardware, which is to say, use high tensile steel materials and get the powder-coated finish and locks on them. Moreover, take macro or micro view pictures of the patio or porch area to select the mailbox’s best design, color, and structure. Mailbox And Sign Solutions is a big market player in delivering high-quality mailboxes and installation services.

We are looking forward to serving you.

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