How To Refurbish Mailbox At Home For An Elevated Curb Appeal?

Unpaid bills, unread mail, and undelivered parcels are a nightmare for everyone. This nightmare can come true with a broken mailbox in front of your house. A damaged mailbox is unserviceable, according to the guidelines passed by the USPS. Therefore, refurbish your damaged mailbox through a mailbox refurbishment service and receive important mail without any delays.

Moreover, a mailbox does not just receive mail; it also adds a specific detail to the property’s exterior. A broken and dull mailbox full of dust and gunk ruins the entry area to your house. On the other hand, a freshly painted, well-maintained mailbox stands out as an accessory. 

The following has everything you need to know before refurbishing old mailbox

How To Refurbish Mailbox At Home 

Old and broken mailboxes are of no use. Therefore repairing all the damaged parts and getting them painted is the only option left for you if you want to keep receiving mail and parcels. 

Here are a few steps for you to bring your damaged mailbox to life again.

Check For Damages

Before jumping into the refurbishment process, check for damages in every corner. Ensure every hinge and bracket attached to the mailbox is in the proper condition. Check for missing screws and leaning setup. 

Knowing what and how to repair is the first step in the process. Make a note of the repair needs and gather the necessary tools. 

Remove The Dirt

After checking for all the damages; now it is time to give your old dirty mailbox a nice bath. Clean the dust with a duster and scrub away gunk and dirt. Get a powerful drill and cable to remove vinyl numbers and flakings. In the next step, take a scrubber and gel soap to rub off all the extra dirt. 

You do not have to scrape off the old paint thoroughly; leave a clean outer layer with a smooth texture for the color to glide effortlessly and give a smooth finish.

Get Ready To Paint It

First, spray or brush a layer of primer on the mailbox to get the best results. Secondly, put a layer of oil-based paint and carefully cover each nook and corner. Let the paint dry completely for around 15- 20 hours, and repeat the second step if the color is not opaque enough. 

An alternative option for an oil-based paint is acrylic paint. Acrylics dry up completely within 2-3 hours and save a lot of waiting time. 

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Add Your Address Number

Nothing will come to your mailbox if you mount it without putting your address number on it. So, choose and customize a new style plaque that goes with the exterior of your house to put your address number on the mailbox. 

Attach The Parts

Now comes the most crucial part of the mailbox refurbishment process. Attach all the screws, hinges, and brackets very carefully. Tighten up all the screws inside the mailbox and make sure that the flap is not getting stuck because of the layers of fresh paint. If your mailbox requires mounting, then mount it on the post or the wall. 

Style It Your Way

Finally, it is time for the fun part. Add details and fun elements to your mailbox to make it your delivery guy’s favorite place to drop parcels and mail. You can cover the inside of your mailbox with wallpaper or write a small quotation to brighten up the day for anyone who sees it. 

In short, give it an essence of your personality or at least match it with the exteriors of your house. 

And this is how you refurbish old mailboxes.

Why Professional Mailbox Refurbishment Services Are A Great Option To Consider? 

A broken, dull mailbox needs a lot of fixing and wasting a weekend on repairing, painting, and fixing hinges sounds pointless when you can avail of professional services at an affordable price range. 

Well, there are many reasons to hire a professional to get your mailbox refurbished. While the biggest one is that it saves time, here are a few others. 


Get your mailbox repaired and freshly painted at your convenience with professional mailbox refurbishment services. Hiring a professional service will also save you from hard manual labor and all the work that comes after the refurbishment. 

Get your mailbox refurbished without worrying and doing any hard work. 

High Work Quality 

A thousand things can go wrong while DIYing a mailbox refurbishment. Imagine messing up the fresh paint or completely shattering the mailbox while trying to repair it. There is a high chance of this blunder when an amateur does the job. However, an expert service assures perfection and high-quality work. The expertise and experience count makes a significant difference in the quality of the work. 

Necessary Tools

Repairing and painting work requires a lot of tools. Moreover, tools with the latest technology make the job easier and more efficient. A professional service team is always equipt with the latest tools and other gears to add perfection to their work. On the other hand, if you purchase tools for the repair work, you will end up spending both money and energy. Therefore, it is actually cheaper to hire refurbishment services.  


Nobody wants bruises and wounds after a DIY project, but it is often the case for amateurs. Lack of safety gear, skills, and experience becomes the perfect recipe for injuries. On the other hand, professional services bring all the protective equipment and clear up the space after work to avoid injuries. 

Avoid Further Damages

Lack of experience and expertise leads an amateur to make mistakes and cause further damage. However, experts have the knowledge of the correct work protocols and procedures. Hence, securing the mailbox from damage. 

USPS Requirements

The United States Postal Service has specific requirements for mailboxes. All the information and necessary details are listed on their official website. It is essential to check the criteria before mounting the mailbox back to its place. 

Best Mailbox Refurbishment Service In Tampa, Orlando, & Jacksonville

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Broken mailboxes are a bane to homeowners. Whether it is the rust or the neighbor’s kid’s stunt failures that damage your mailbox, it needs to get fixed before USPS stops delivering mail to your address. 

So, refurbish your old damaged mailbox and give it a new life by opting for the best mailbox refurbishment service from Mailbox And Sign Solutions at a reasonable price range.

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