5 Standard & Affordable Private Mailbox Boxes For Your Home

Suppose you are browsing decor items to give your place an appealing look. Considering your requirement, how great will it be if we suggest something that acts as decor and shields your essentials to provide security simultaneously? Yes, the Mailbox is that convenient box that enhances the home appeal and secures your essentials like mail and parcels. That means it looks after your privacy and also maintains prestige.
As there are numerous options for Mailboxes available in the market and at online stores, the selection of the right Mailbox gets a bit tough. So to make your decision easier, here we have a list of the top 5 mailbox boxes with all those features that make them ideal for purchase.

White Mail Box in Front of a House

5 Major Reasons You Need A Private Mailbox

A mailbox is very useful and practical in so many ways than you have ever noticed. Whether for a residence or a business purpose, the Mailbox is the best means to manage and protect your mail and stuff. Here are the significant reasons why you should consider buying them.

  • Security

Mail is always the target of burglars as it can be used to transfer essential and confidential items like bank statements, checks, identification documents, and credit cards. Many Mailbox theft cases occur every year that lead to property loss, credit card scamming, identity fraud, and theft. A private mailbox ensures your parcels stay safe and secure by locking it and keeping it under security monitoring.

  • Access

The private mailboxes allow you the convenience of 24/7 mail access. It means that it is not like other post office boxes that only allow access at specific hours.

  • Parcel Delivery

Most of the parcels are delivered during working and business hours when no one is at home. The private Mailbox accepts these parcels and keeps them secure until you pick them up.

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MB1 Black Mailbox


The Black-colored MB1 Steel’s Mailbox is a contemporary mailbox design. This Mailbox is stainless and rust-resistant. It is one of the best mailboxes for your home as it is durable and enhances the place’s curb appeal. It is made of steel equipped with a magnetic latch and is wholly coated inside and out with powder for corrosion resistance.

Feature  Rust – Resistant
Metal  Steel
Color Elite Black
Installation Service Yes
Removal Service  Yes

MB1 White-Mailbox


The White – colored MB1 Steel’s Mailbox is a modern-day mailbox design. This Mailbox has a classic shape and is rust-proof. Its raised door and edge panels offer a space for HN (house number) to be applied. Also, its front opening is wide to allow easy mail removal. The door brackets are reinforced with a magnetic latch for additional rigidity. 

Feature  Durable and Rust-resistant
Metal  Steel
Color Elite White
Installation Service Yes
Removal Service  Yes



The Green-colored MB2 Galvanised Steel mailbox is a classic design that gives your home yard an appealing look. It is built with galvanized steel, which provides it with a strong appearance and increases durability. Also, its slight olive green color is very catchy, which stands it out from others. 

Feature  Tough powder coated
Metal  Galvanized Steel
Color Olive Green
Installation Service Yes
Removal Service  Yes



The Black-colored MB3 Galvanised Steel mailbox has a contemporary pattern that makes it ideal for purchase. You will find this Mailbox a bit more expensive than others, but its quality is worth every penny. Besides its look and quality, durability is also a plus factor that makes it ideal for purchase.

Feature  Weather – Resistant
Metal  Galvanized Steel
Color Elite Black
Installation Service Yes
Removal Service  Yes



The Solid Black-colored MB2-TP1 Steel mailbox has an antique look that attracts people. This Mailbox is designed in such a way that it will remind you of the Mailbox your grandpa often told you about, as it is so classic. Its antique feature have surely raised its price a bit, but the price is nothing compared with the quality you will receive when purchasing it.

Feature  Antique look
Metal  Steel
Color Solid Black
Installation Service Yes
Removal Service  Yes


If you have bought a new home and want to enhance its curb appeal, then adding a mailbox  is the best buy. It will not only enhance the beauty of your yard but also be convenient and helpful in protecting your mail and parcels, which means it offers more than just being a decor item. 

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