How To Remove Old Mailbox: Easy And Efficient Ways For Removal

Mailboxes are a necessity for every US homeowner. And opening the mail is always exciting, whether you are waiting for some important information to come or awaiting a gifted parcel to arrive. However, imagine waiting for your parcel for weeks, and when you open the flap of your mailbox, you find it too old to hold the bare minimum. 

Do you know your mail can be undelivered if your mailbox is not in the condition to hold them properly? Thus, the postman isn’t delaying your mail. However, it’s not getting delivered because of the bad condition of your mailbox. Well, now that you know the cause, the next step is getting another mailbox, but you need to get rid of your old one first. 

The process of removing an old mailbox sounds intimidating and physically challenging. However, there are options for you to choose from. 

Here is How to remove an old mailbox

Step By Step Instructions To Remove Old Mailboxes 

There are two types of mailboxes. The first one is attached to a post planted on the ground or concrete. The second one is the one mounted on a wall. Depending on the type of mailbox, there are two ways to remove it. Procedures for the removal of both types of mailboxes are listed below:

Mailbox On A Post 

Removing a post mailbox requires specific tools. You should follow the steps to ensure you don’t get injured during the process.

Tools Required

  • Gloves
  • Shovel
  • A piece of wood ( 2-4 inches) 
  • A car jack

Steps To Follow

  • Put on gloves to secure your hands from any injury during the process. 
  • Take the shovel and start digging around the post.
  • After loosening the soil around the post, pour some water into the work area to loosen the soil further.
  • Wiggle the post and try pulling it out of the ground. 
  • It is now time to use the jack and the wooden piece
  • At a 90-degree angle, insert the wooden piece into the mailbox post. 
  • Put the jack beneath the piece of wood. Slowly, start pumping the jack.
  • The post will be lifted from the ground.

Mailbox On A Wall

Removing a mailbox from a wall is simpler than removing it from the ground. You will require fewer tools and follow fewer steps to complete the process. 

Tools Required

  • Pliers or fitting wrench
  • Screwdriver

Steps To Follow

  • Open the flap of the mailbox.
  • Find the screws and nuts on it.
  • Hold the nuts on the mailbox with pliers. 
  • Use the screwdriver to unscrew and unbolt.
  • Be careful when you are unscrewing; prevent the mailbox from slipping down. 
  • Use an extra pair of hands if required. 

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Why Professional Mailbox Removal Services Are A Great Option?

The answer is simple. Professional help makes the process of removal easy and convenient. It saves the homeowner from hard manual labor and the hassles of the job. Professional services are a great option to consider because they are equipped with every necessary tool required for the service. The ground near the post of the mailbox or the wall mailbox gets damaged during the process if non-professionals do the removal. 

It is not just one thing to do. A damaged wall will require repairing, and a dug-up ground needs leveling. Thus, you require to follow a chain of work after the removal. Thus, professional help makes it easier, more convenient, and advantageous for the homeowner. 

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Getting rid of an old mailbox is a relief. A freshly pained and sturdy one will definitely hold your mail right and give your house a nice detail. The primary step before getting a new mailbox is removing the old one. To do the same, one can always avail of easy professional services to get the job done easily and conveniently. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The direct and simple answer to this question will be ‘yes.’ It is illegal to donate old mailboxes in the U.S. Every mailbox installed is the property of the USPS. According to Asset Management, Handbook AS-701, there is a complete prohibition on donating and collecting old mailboxes.

Often, academic institutions and non-profit organizations knock at our doors to collect old used mailboxes for numerous reasons, be it for the holidays as a gift or to gather torn American Flags. But, donating the mailboxes are a violation of postal policies. This policy also benefits the service of the organization by ensuring that the mail sent is not delivered to an old mailbox that is no longer in service. Further, reusing the old mailbox for some other purposes diminishes the value of the USPS as an organization.

It is easy to remove old mailboxes that cannot be refurbished anymore. There are two options available. 

  1. Doing it yourself
  2. Taking professional help. 

One can easily remove the mailboxes by digging up the soil around the post and lifting it up with the help of a car jack. It is not a very complicated process, but it takes a bit of physical strength. An important thing to take into account is to have the right tools to get the job done. 

On the contrary, taking professional help can be the easiest process to get an old mailbox removed. A professional service will provide easy and hassle-free removal. 

One needs to repair the damaged mailboxes and the old mailboxes. But, the one which can not be refurbished should be destroyed. Donating comes to our mind as soon as we think of replacing our old mailbox with a new one. Non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and several other organizations often come to ask for donations to recycle the box or to gather the national flag. However, it is illegal to do so. The best way to get rid of an old mailbox is to destroy it. 

In other words, there is a prohibition on donating, loaning, or selling an old mailbox. Mailboxes that cannot be repaired further should be destroyed.

Removing an old mailbox takes effort, and if the job is already done, then you are set to use a new one. To exactly answer the question, if one removes an old mailbox, then there can be two consequences. If a new one does not replace the old mailbox, then all the mail delivered by the USPS will be sent back to the sender of the mail labeled as ‘no mail receptacle’ (NMR) or gets disposed of. No mailbox means no mail to receive. Any important document or information sent by the government or any other organization will not be delivered. On the other hand, with a new mailbox, the regular cycle of delivering and receiving mail starts without any hindrance. 

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