7 Amazing Facts About Your Favorite Curbside Mailboxes

Millions of Americans rely on the curbside mailboxes to receive and deliver letters. You can describe mailboxes as individual mail containers that carry your belongings till the time you want. United States Postal Service (USPS) performs everyday courses while delivering outdoor mail and gathering incoming mail. However, we all know how crucial curbside mailboxes are in our lives, but we are sure you never knew these amazing facts about them. So this is a fun blog post by Mailbox And Sign Solutions covering seven fun realities about the curbside letter mailboxes. Let’s go on by one and take a quick peek into their interesting history. 

Story Of The Original Curbside Mailbox 

Have you ever heard about the Joroleman mailbox? Whether you have heard about it or not, you are probably using it. The Joroleman mailbox’s rectangular-dome design has become inseparable from the residential curbside mailbox with post

The story says that the first curbside mailbox was designed for Joroleman, an employee of the USPS. While posting letters, Joroleman identified a problem, and he needed a new and effective solution for delivering mail. He used his mechanical engineering education to design a rectangular-shaped mailbox known as the modern curbside mailbox. 

Interesting fact, isn’t it? Read more in-depth about why his name is still attached to curbside mailboxes. 

Features Of The Joroleman Mailbox

A key feature of the Joroleman mailbox is its rectangular-dome shape. Before its commencement, most curbside mailboxes highlighted a level top with sharp edges. While trying different things with new mailbox designs, Joroleman found that water and snow wouldn’t collect on the top by utilizing a rectangular-dome shape. Rather, gravity would pull the downpour or snow down and off the mailbox. At the time, different kinds of curbside mailboxes frequently surrendered to the torment of bad weather. In simple words, mailboxes with the previous design easily got rusted and lost their charm and durability. Rain and snow would gather on the highest point of curbside mailboxes, making them rust or rot.

Notwithstanding a rectangular-dome design, the Joroleman mailbox includes a lightweight stainless steel design. The utilization of lightweight stainless steel further protects the mailbox from rusting and consumption. Stainless steel doesn’t rot and is protected against rusting and erosion because of its chromium content.

Impact Of The Joroleman Mailbox

Even though there are special cases, most curbside mailboxes delivered and sold today highlight a similar rectangular-dome design as the Joroleman mailbox. Mailbox makers have embraced its rectangular-dome design since it automatically protects against weather-related damages. The USPS normally orders custom curbside mailboxes with a rectangular-dome design as contemporary mailboxes, while mailboxes including different shapes are delegated contemporary mailboxes.

The Joroleman mailbox may be more than exceptionally old. However, its famous rectangular-shaped design is as it is being utilized today. The design permits rain and snow to tumble off the sides of the mailbox as opposed to amass on top.

With this, let’s move on to our next fact.  

3 Main Classifications Of Curbside Mailbox

We can classify curbside mailboxes into three main types. As per USPS guidelines, curbside mailboxes have to be traditional style, contemporary style, or locking. Traditional mailboxes feature a rectangular-dome shape as the Joroleman mailboxes have. A contemporary curbside mailbox is the one with an alternative shape. And as the name suggests, locking curbside mailboxes has a locking mechanism.    

Curbside Mailbox Is Also Known As Rural Mailbox

This may sound astonishing, but it’s true. A curbside mailbox is also known as a rural mailbox. You may wonder why is it so? The answer is originality. They were installed and used only in rural areas. In cities, most people use centralized mailboxes like the STD-4C or Cluster Box Unit. Regardless of the terms ”curbside mailbox” and “rural mailbox,” which are synonyms, both refer to different mail containers you can install near the curb. 

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Dark Painted Steel Curbside Mailbox Can Reach 136 Degrees

Since they are installed outdoors, it shouldn’t shock you that a curbside mailbox can heat up quickly. The United States Food and Drug Administration (USDA) led a review to research the inside temperature of curbside mailboxes. They found that black-painted curbside mailboxes made completely of steel can reach up to 136 degrees Fahrenheit. If you rely on your mailbox to receive or send medicines, take them out immediately; and advise your friends to do the same. The medicine can heat up in the sun and lose its bioavailability.

Carrier Signal Flags Are Not Required For All Curbside Mailboxes

Carrier signal flags are a typical part of most curbside mailboxes. They comprise an orange-colored switch or arm that occupants can raise to inform the USPS about the presence of outgoing mail. The USPS, nonetheless, doesn’t need them for all curbside mailboxes. It just requires full-administration residential curbside mailboxes to have a carrier signal flag. 

There Are Over 142 Million Mailboxes In the US

There are tons of mailboxes would be an understatement. Research shows that on a normal day, United States Postal Service (USPS) postmasters deliver mail to more than 142 million mailboxes or CBUs.

The Average Costs Per Year In Mail Delivery Is $154

A review led by the USPS found that it costs roughly $154 each year to deliver mail and letters to a single curbside letter box. Taking into account that there are more than 142 million letterboxes in the United States, it’s a costly assignment.

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