Commercial Mailboxes: A Solution For Businesses & Land Owners

Commercial Mailboxes, also known as Cluster Mailboxes or CBUs, are mailboxes with multiple compartments. Each compartment has a number plate on it. The number plate comprises a unique number or address of the owner to which the mail gets delivered. Commercial Mailboxes are designed for multi-tenants or workers in a building. That is why the name is the commercial mailbox. They come in use for multiple people living in a building or area. Unlike the curbside residential mailbox, which has one or two compartments, the commercial mailbox can have more than 16 compartments. However, not everyone can install a commercial mailbox. One has to follow certain USPS guidelines to do so. But, at the same time, we know that Commercial mailboxes are the most convenient ones and ease our confusion. Not only that, but they also help the USPS in efficient mail delivery. Imagine you have a building that employs more than ten people, or you own a PG that 6-7 people share. They can take up their letter or parcel from their particular compartment and lock it up without spoiling your day. It will ease up their confusion and as well as save your day. So, are you planning to install a commercial mailbox for your tenants or employees? Here’s what you need to know about them. Read the blog until the end and learn what steps you have to take for the same.       

What Is The Use Of Commercial Mailboxes?

Commercial mailboxes are designed for multi-tenant systems where the mail is delivered to each bank of mailboxes by the US Postal Service. When the United States Postal Service delivers the mail, choose from this category of products. On front loading mailboxes, your local postmaster will come to your location and install a master postal lock that permits a USPS employee to access the unit through a single master key. Cluster Mailbox Units (CBUs), 4C horizontal mailboxes, 4B+ horizontal mailboxes, 4B+ vertical mailboxes, and several other commercial mailboxes are available for USPS delivery. Apartments, complexes, business buildings, residential developments, condominiums, and other properties use these items. 

Types Of Commercial Mailbox 

There are two types of Commercial Mailbox that USPS approved for installation. 

  • Outdoor commercial mailbox 
  • Wall Mount Commercial Mailbox 

Outdoor Commercial Mailbox 

The most common mailbox for multi-tenant centralized outdoor mail delivery is the cluster box unit (CBU). Cluster mailboxes are approved by the USPS and are perfect for multi-family homes, apartments, complexes, commercial buildings, schools, colleges, government facilities, military sites, and other residential and commercial developments. 

CBUs come on a pedestal in four, eight, twelve, thirteen, and sixteen mailbox door configurations (plus parcel lockers for package delivery). To prevent mailbox damage, ensure that these boxes are equipped with heavy-duty cam locks and anti-fish plates. 

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Wall Mount Commercial Mailbox

For recessed centralized mail delivery, 4C horizontal mailboxes or the commercial wall mount mailbox is the industry standard. 4C horizontal mailboxes, unlike pedestal-mounted mailboxes like the CBU, are often recessed into the wall. Commercial wall mount mailboxes are made of heavy-duty aluminum with stainless steel hardware. They are ideal for commercial buildings, multi-family housing units, apartment complexes, government offices, military bases, universities, schools, and other commercial and residential developments. Moreover, they are available in aluminum, bronze, sandstone, and black.

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USPS Guidelines To Install A Commercial Mailbox 

According to USPS requirements, new or remodeled apartment complexes must include centralized cluster box units for their tenants. Permanent mobile home communities are also required to install these units for homeowners to receive centralized mail and package delivery. Management of transitory trailer parks and student housing developments, on the other hand, is responsible for receiving mail at a central place and then delivering it to individual tenants or students.

According to USPS business mailbox requirements, cluster box units (CBUs) and 4C horizontal mailboxes are commercial mailboxes for USPS delivery. 4B+ horizontal and vertical mailboxes are only suitable for retrofit applications. Commercial Mailboxes must be big enough and have multiple compartments with locks for ease. 

If a cluster mailbox is necessary for your development, you should consider installing a mailbox shelter. A mailbox canopy will give additional protection when letters, parcels, and other mailings are delivered and picked up by residential or commercial customers. Also, if you have more tenants or employees, you will need many large commercial mailboxes with as many compartments as possible. 

Also, it would be best if your commercial mailboxes were made of high tensile strength materials and finished with powder-coated aluminum. Not only does it make your mailbox look polished and fancy, but it protects it from theft, rust, snowplow, and storm damage. 

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Outdoor Cluster Box Unit Requirements

The USPS has set some specific guidelines for outdoor cluster mailboxes and mailbox canopy installations, including the following:

  • The USPS approves the location of cluster commercial mailbox units for mail carriers to have easy and safe access to these mailboxes. For which you might have to contact your local postmaster. 
  • Most cluster mailboxes must be within one block of the homes or businesses they serve.
  • The USPS will provide its master access lock to verify the mail couriers’ access. Also, the USPS must install and maintain a locking mechanism, which is unavailable to builders or developers.
  • A cluster box unit must be positioned on the right side of the road to facilitate easy access to the mail for both parties. Also, this ensures that the employees or clients do not break any driving regulations while retrieving mail.

The Bottom Line 

The bottom line is that if someone is planning to make a new building for their business or to give it for rent, then they need to install a commercial mailbox before that. Also, you need to take permission from the USPS for the same. Doesn’t matter if you install a wall mount commercial mailbox or build an outdoor shelter commercial mailbox; if your CBUs or commercial mailboxes are big enough to cater to the needs of your employees and tenants, then USPS would approve it. In most cases, people who got their CBUs approved had multiple compartments with compartment numbers. 

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